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Terminator: Resistance Game review

Game review 16 November 2019, 16:10

author: Michael Pajda

Terminator: Resistance Review – It's Not Perfect, but It's Definitely Not a Crap

The new Terminator is surprisingly satisfactory. And we're not talking about the average film by Tim Miller, but about a fresh game from Krakow's Teyon – a developer who became notorious in the gaming industry with the infamous Rambo: The Video Game.

The review is based on the PC version.

  1. levels with battles between humans and machines;
  2. meaningful decisions;
  3. well-made mini-games for hacking and opening locks;
  4. interesting weapon upgrade system;
  5. excellent gunplay;
  6. simple but engaging gameplay.
  1. the game can be completed in two sessions;
  2. dumb dialogues (especially by independent characters);
  3. equally dumb animations of humans;
  4. noticeable recycling of assets;
  5. random stuttering of animation.

If I had to pinpoint to a textbook example of a gaming garbage created under a movie license, my finger would point to Rambo: The Video Game without any hesitation. This archaic and ugly rail shooter from 2014 was one of the worst adaptations in gaming history (which goes quite a way back). This bastard of a video game was created by Polish Teyon studio. The reviewers (among whom there was no shortage of fans of the American super-soldier) promptly reached a consensus, calling it an embarrassing piece of trash preying on nostalgia.

More than five years after that disaster, the industry was stirred up again. Why? In September, Teyon boasted they were working on bringing a cult film franchise into video games again – this time, however, they chose the Terminator as their next victim. Not even two months have passed since the announcement, and the devs are already celebrating the release of their next game. So, have they done their homework and learned how to make games? Turns out they have!

Terminator: Resistance Review – Its Not Perfect, but Its Definitely Not a Crap - picture #1
Make sure he's dead by killing him again.

We've actually seen the Terminator video game in May this year behind-closed-door. It was already in the final stages of production. We had to wait a while with releasing our impressions because of the embargo.

Come with me if you want to live

The story presented in Terminator: Resistance has a strong opening worthy of action-intensive Hollywood movies – not very complicated, but damn spectacular. We jump into the protagonist's boots amidst a genocide committed on citizens of Pasadena by blood-thirsty, humanoid machines armed with futuristic gun. We enact Jacob Rivers, a member of the Resistance. These androids destroy every life form encountered, the main hero included. Fortunately, he is saved by a mysterious stranger, who helps him navigate his escape route from a distant vantage point. We do not know who this enigmatic gentleman is, nor why he helps the main character, but we don't really have time for pondering over such questions, since people are mowed down left and right, and the robots want to grill our ass with plasma guns.

The story told by Teyon takes place before the events of the first Terminator – however, we also find some references to the second film. Learning the identity of the Stranger is just one of the main threads, which needs some time to really spread wings – even though it seems rather bland at the beginning, it has some really surprising and intriguing moments. The player is able to influence the game's conclusion by making choices throughout the game. It's obviously not as extensive as in games like The Witcher 3, but the premise is similar – the consequences of our choices are only revealed a few hours after we make them. Key choices affect the plot, thereby determining the end of the game, but they are not limited to selecting a dialogue option. The system of choices is related to the level of trust of our companions, which is built with some minor choices we make during the game, as well as doing (or not) the companion side quests.

Terminator: Resistance Review – Its Not Perfect, but Its Definitely Not a Crap - picture #2
It's so filmic, it's so atmospheric, oh... They did Rambo: The Video Game?!
Terminator: Resistance Review – Its Not Perfect, but Its Definitely Not a Crap - picture #3


The tutorial ends in a few minutes (or a few dozen – depending on whether we're interested in completing a side quest or not) when Rivers, along with a paramilitary squad of survivors, escapes from a city besieged by the machines. At this moment, the story dynamics of Terminator: Resistance slow down considerably – bear this in mind.

The further you go, the more interesting things get – it's totally worth finishing the few fetch quests to eventually get to the point, where we can shoot the terminators with some really powerful guns. The subsequent quests aren’t considerably more difficult, but the storyline itself starts to show true colors.

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