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Forge of Empires Game Guide

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Eras in Forge of Empires Forge of Empires Guide & Walkthrough

Last update: 05 March 2018

In Forge of Empires, Eras reflect the player's growth, giving him access to new types of buildings, technologies, resources, and units and influencing how his city looks like. Some technologies unlock access to new mechanisms - e.g. Militia technology from the Iron Era gives access to daily challenges.

Available Eras

Reaching the final era, Oceanic Future, is a task for many months. - Eras in Forge of Empires - Basics - Forge of Empires Game Guide
Reaching the final era, Oceanic Future, is a task for many months.

The player begins in Stone Age and advances to Bronze Age after a few minutes of the game. Then, you are led through 14 ages - Iron Age, Early Middle Ages, High Middle Ages, Late Middle Ages, Colonial Age, Industrial Age, Progressive Era, Modern Era, Postmodern Era, Contemporary Era, Tomorrow, The Future, Arctic Future, and Oceanic Future. Consider yourself warned - reaching the final era can take months.

Advancing to a Higher Era - Tips

Remember about following tips when attempting to advance to a new era:

You don't need to research all technologies in order to advance to a new era.

Avoid rushing - study all technologies, as these give you access to useful stuff, such as new units, production buildings or terrain expansions.

Advancing to a new era means getting access to goods from the era - this may prove to be problematic in case where you've expanded too quickly and cannot complete quests.

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