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Forge of Empires Game Guide

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How to play Forge of Empires without spending real money? Forge of Empires Guide & Walkthrough

Last update: 05 March 2018

As with any F2P browser game, Forge of Empires tempts the players to spend real money on it - to purchase a package of units, premium buildings or to speed up certain activities. Don't worry - you don't need to spend any money to have fun in the game. The game allows players to acquire most premium buildings, units and services for free, you only need to know how to do it.

How to acquire premium currency and items?

Careful examination of the map will allow you to get precious diamonds. - How to play Forge of Empires without spending real money? - Tips & Hints - Forge of Empires Game Guide
Careful examination of the map will allow you to get precious diamonds.

Most of the premium items and services offered in the game can be acquired without spending diamonds / real money. The methods are as follows:

Purchasing bonuses at the Tavern. You can gain powerful boosts to the coin or supply production or to the effectiveness of your troops. In order to do so, you must use the Tavern (more in the "Tavern" chapter).

Acquiring Diamonds. You can acquire additional diamonds by taking part in secondary activities (such as events) or by collecting resources scattered around the map. The latter are especially noteworthy. There will be unique objects such as tents, flowers or felled trees on the map around your city. Collecting those allows you to acquire coins and/or supplies, goods or even diamonds.

Goods. The game temps the player to spend a small amount (5 per unit) of diamonds to acquire goods and speed up the development of the city. However, goods can be easily produced by the player and traded on the Market to acquire those that you can't create on your own. This will allow you to save hundreds of diamonds that the game wants you to spend.

Military units. Battles can be won with the units that you can recruit on your own, you don't need to purchase the "premium" ones. If some of the encounters are too hard for you, use goods to negotiate and take control over the sector without fighting.

Forge Points. Those are acquired every hour, can be purchased with coins or accumulated with the help of various events that take place in the game. There's no point using diamonds to get them.

Buildings. Most of the buildings that can be purchased with diamonds will lose their relevance after just a few days of playing, when you advance to the next era. You should use the buildings that you can construct on your own, with coins and supplies.

What shouldnt you spend Diamonds and/or money on?

There are some "traps" waiting in the game that are there to "encourage" the player to spend diamonds and/or real money. You should avoid them at all costs, as it's just throwing your money away. You should watch out for the following:

Production buildings (generating supplies) and unique houses (generating coins). Those tempt the most in the game. They generate several times more coins/supplies than their "free" counterparts. However, you shouldn't spend any diamonds on them, as better buildings will quickly appear (especially when you advance to the next era), making them obsolete.

Military units that can be purchased in a package, for real money. Those are useless, as after just a few encounters most of them will be dead and resurrecting them will cost you a huge amount of diamonds. As a result, you might lose all the invested money in just a few minutes.

Automatic collection of resources and goods. When at least one good or resource is available to collect, a button will appear on the left side of the screen - pressing it collects all available resources and goods and will cost you 5 diamonds. You shouldn't even bother yourself about it - collecting resources from even 100 buildings takes seconds.

Tavern Silver and services available in the Tavern. To gather Tavern Silver you just need to invite many people to become your friends. Friends can then visit your tavern, leaving Tavern Silver for you to collect.

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