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Forge of Empires Game Guide

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Research in Forge of Empires Forge of Empires Guide & Walkthrough

Last update: 05 March 2018

Research is probably the most important aspect of Forge of Empires, enabling us to develop our city and advance through the eras by unlocking new units, buildings, goods, or even certain gameplay elements. A planned expansion is the key to the whole game.

Gaining Growth Points and Conducting Research

You can buy Growth Points for coins. - Research in Forge of Empires - Basics - Forge of Empires Game Guide
You can buy Growth Points for coins.

The game offers hundreds of technologies, some more important than others, which have to be developed in order for the city to grow. Do not skip those technologies that aren't blocking your path to further growth - practically any building, production, decorative, or residential, has a function in game.

Research is conducted thanks to Growth Points that can be attained from following sources:

A certain amount of points is generated hourly;

Buying points for money or diamonds;

Developing other players' Great Buildings;

Taking part in special events;

A number of points are awarded when advancing to a new era.

The research itself is conducted in a simple way - simply choose a technology to be developed (when previous technologies are ready), invest the required amount of Growth Points and unlock the technology (for a certain fee - at the beginning, only coins/supplies, then seeing you spend large amounts of various goods).

Research - Tips

Research all technologies as all of them will prove to be useful later on. - Research in Forge of Empires - Basics - Forge of Empires Game Guide
Research all technologies as all of them will prove to be useful later on.

Even if conducting research is simple, pay attention to following tips:

Spend Growth Points regularly - avoid storing Growth Points, as when the counter reaches 10/10 points, the hourly bonus is disabled.

Do not spend your coins on Growth Points - spend them on city development instead. This approach is especially viable when you start accumulating large amount of coins (over 30,000).

Do not buy Growth Points for diamonds - this is a waste of this valuable resource.

Plan your growth beforehand and accumulate the necessary goods. There is no reason for you to research a technology which may be tempting (e.g. a new military unit) but you don't have the required amount of resources to research it. Such situations often lead to a situation where you cannot develop your town because you lack the necessary resources.

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