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Forge of Empires Game Guide

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Happiness in Forge of Empires Forge of Empires Guide & Walkthrough

Last update: 05 March 2018

Happiness level is a very important mechanic in Forge of Empires - if your citizens are happy, they will work more efficiently, so always make sure that your citizens have what they need to keep the happiness factor at high level.

Increasing the Citizens Happiness

Always maintain the happiness level on 120%. - Happiness in Forge of Empires - Basics - Forge of Empires Game Guide
Always maintain the happiness level on 120%.

You can increase the happiness level by constructing buildings from "Decorations" and "Cultural buildings". Each building of such type offers a certain bonus to happiness. Typically, more expensive and larger buildings offer a bigger bonus, while the building's era also has a certain effect on happiness.

The happiness level can be as high as 120%. This means that your citizens work 20% more efficiently - if a building produces 100 coins, you'll receive a total of 120 coins. Nevertheless, the happiness level will be lowered if you build new houses.

Maintaining the Happiness level on 120% level

The amount of needed happiness points can be calculated from a simple formula - simply multiply the amount of your citizens by 1.4. If you have 1,000 citizens, you're going to need 1,400 happiness, 2,500 requires 3,500 happiness, etc. If your happiness level decreases by even a single point, the value falls down to 100% and you won't receive any bonus.

Happiness - Tips

Happiness is governed by a number of things:

Happiness influences coins and supply producing buildings only, as well as the amount of points received for won battles (a factor in GvG tournaments).

Happiness does not influence the effectiveness of military units - your units are not influenced by this statistic.

Happiness buildings can be motivated/renovated by your friends to receive a multiplied bonus of happiness! Always have a lot of friends to receive the bonus (or to motivate your friends' buildings).

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