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Game Box for Age of Civilizations (AND)

Age of Civilizations

A turn-based strategy game, in which we lead a civilization of our choice to dominate the world. Age of Civilizations is about waging wars, conquering new provinces and defending existing territories, as well as forming alliances with other countries.

Strategy | turn-based | 2D | Polish | war strategy

Age of Civilizations cover

developer: Łukasz Jakowski

publisher: Łukasz Jakowski

Game mode: single player

game release date:





Age of Civilizations is a turn-based strategy, in which the player's task is to gain dominance over the world. The production was developed by an independent Polish developer Lukasz Jakowski.


The Age of Civilizations game is played in turn-based mode on the political map of the world. While the Windows Phone mobile version of the title gives us only a Land divided into three hundred and forty-two provinces, the edition released for Android smartphones and tablets also contains the planet Kepler-22b, consisting of four hundred and four provinces.

We start the game by choosing one of the one hundred and ninety-three civilizations, and then we embark on a difficult road of conquest. To succeed, we increase the potential of the army and conduct warfare, conquering new provinces and defending existing ones. Within the latter, we can build fortifications that increase their defensive capabilities, lookout towers that expose the fog of war in neighboring sectors, or ports that allow ships to be sent to sea. Apart from that, diplomacy plays an important role - apart from declaring war, we can enter into alliances with other civilisations and also sign non-aggression pacts.

Game modes

Age of Civilizations has a number of scenarios allowing you to play in a selected historical period - you can choose between the contemporary world and maps from the periods of World War I and World War II. In addition, newcomers can use the built-in tutorial before the start of the game.

Technical aspects

Age of Civilizations has simple, two-dimensional graphics evoking associations with the first parts of the Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron series.

Age Rating

age requirements: everyone

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