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Game Box for Airport City: Free to Fly (WWW)

Airport City: Free to Fly

An economic social game in which we play the role of manager of a small airport, and our goal is to make it a powerful international airport. While having fun, we invest not only in the expansion of the airport infrastructure, but also in the development of the neighbouring city.

Strategy | Economic | play for free | MMO | social networking | airports/air control

Airport City: Free to Fly cover

developer: Road 404

publisher: Game Insight

Official website

Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet

game release date:









Airport City, released on PC, AND, etc., is an economic social game in which we develop our own airport and the adjacent town. The title was developed by the Moscow studio Road 404 and published by Game Insight, which has produced the hit Paradise Island. The first version of the game debuted on Facebook in 2011, and its new, improved edition - Airport City: Free to Fly - was released in spring 2013.


In Airport City, we play the role of the manager of a small airport, and our task is to make it an important international airport. We start the game with one hangar, plane and runway but later, we unlock new elements of the airport infrastructure and new destinations to which we will be able to transport our customers. The main source of our income is flights to various, more or less exotic destinations around the world. In order to make this possible, we need to constantly improve the various elements of the airport, develop our fleet and take care of the necessary fuel reserves. We can also accept other players' planes on our runway to earn some extra cash. This is not all, however, because thanks to the expansion of the airport, the entire neighboring city will also develop. By investing in the construction of new houses and commercial facilities, we will ensure not only an additional source of income but also a steady supply of fuel and more potential passengers, necessary for the smooth functioning of our business.

Technical aspects

The whole game isn't taking itself seriously. It also has fancy tasks that we will have to perform during the game. In addition, from successive voyages around the world, our planes will also bring a variety of randomly generated items, grouped into special collections. Getting the entire collection will allow you to activate useful bonuses such as extra fuel or passengers. Airport City uses a free-to-play model typical of its genre, in which, thanks to small microtransactions, we can avoid many of the restrictions imposed by the creators, such as flight time and construction time. The game has also been enriched with social options, thanks to which we can invite friends to play together and help each other in completing missions.

Age Rating

age requirements: everyone

System requirements

Apple iOS

Apple iOS

Additional information (iOS): Internet connection is required  

Android OS

Android OS

Additional information (AND): Internet connection is required  

Windows Phone

Windows Phone

Additional information (WP): Internet connection is required  

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

Minimum: 55 MB HDD, Windows 8

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