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Game Box for bit Dungeon (PC)

bit Dungeon

Dungeon Bit Game is a mobile RPG with a highly arcade combat system. The player directs a knight exploring dungeons full of monsters and the fun comes down to eliminating hordes of enemies and developing hero's statistics.

RPG | fantasy | roguelike | action RPG

bit Dungeon cover

developer: KintoGames

publisher: KintoGames

Game mode: single player

game release date:







Dungeon Bit Game is a released on the AND and iOS RPG action platform. The project was developed by KintoGames studio and it is a premium production, so without micropayments.


The game is not strong enough for a complex plot. The hero and his wife are kidnapped by demons. He wakes up on his own in an unknown dungeon and his task is to cut out the way to his beloved, and at the same time to gain riches and glory. The scenario is very simple and the whole gameplay is action-oriented and the campaign in practice consists of a sequence of battle sequences.


In the Dungeon bit released for the AND and iOS platforms, the player explores the underground chamber by chamber and each of these rooms occupies one screen. Our task is always to get the key that will allow you to open the door and continue playing. Sometimes it is enough to kill all enemies to achieve this, and at other times the key can be hidden e.g. in a chest. The map of dungeons after some time begins to branch out, but sooner or later we get to the room with the boss, whose defeat ends the given stage.

Both movement and offensive actions are performed by touching the screen with a finger. When an attack is launched, the hero will hack the enemy until it dies, but against all appearances passivity is severely punished here. We quickly come across chambers full of enemies attacking from a distance, such as arrows or spells, which forces manual manoeuvring to avoid hitting. Hold your finger briefly on the screen, activate the block, and a longer hold will load the strap into the super-quick. The system of permanent death, which makes it necessary to start anew after each death, losing all items and upgrades, adds to the emotions. After some time, however, we can acquire the ability to resurrect once with each approach.

The game also has a simple development system. During the game we collect items that permanently improve several statistics. These are very important for the gameplay, as they influence such aspects of the game as the pace of movement and attacks, regenerative abilities. In addition, the character can only carry one weapon, which forces difficult decisions.

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Age Rating

age requirements: 12+

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