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Call of Gods (WWW cover
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Call of Gods WWW

The browser-based strategy cocktail and MMORPG is based on micropayments. There are three races to be elected: the people, the elves and the undead. Each of them has its own type of castle, which we have to expand on our own.

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Call of Gods Release Date WWW


developer: Boyojoy publisher: Aeria Games Official website

English language game language: English

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Call of Gods is a fantasy fantasy browser game which is a mixture of MMORPG genres and strategy. The whole is based on a free model supplemented by voluntary micropayments.

The action of the game takes place in a fantastic world known as Masure, most of which were created by dragons. The dragon of Justice filled the wilderness with water and vegetation and led to the birth of intelligent races such as elves and people. However, from his dark reflection of the Chaos Dragon, demons were born. Children of both these winged creatures waged war with each other for a long time. This conflict eventually ended with the victory of the forces of goodness - the Chaos Dragon was imprisoned and his most faithful servant, the demon Gorena, was killed by the hand of one of the divine Titans.

The room did not last long. Some titans were quickly corrupted by a desire for power and another war began. The power of one of the ancient dragons led to the revival of the dead. This is how the race of the undead was born. However, instead of taking sides, the worries have announced their independence. Eventually, the wicked titans were defeated, and their noble brothers left the world for the most part. However, they left behind them most of their power, which was scattered all over the lands. Heroes were born from its particles to protect the inhabitants of Masure. Call of Gods tells the story of wars between humans, elves and undead and their fight against demons and corrupt deities.

We start the game by creating our own character. There are three races to be elected: the people, the elves and the undead. As the game progresses, our virtual alter ego gains experience points, learns useful skills and learns new spells. At the same time, however, we do not have great physical strength ourselves. Therefore, in order to have a chance to survive, we have to gather a team of heroes endowed with a part of the power of the Titans. The game also allows you to build castles and collect whole armies. In the latter case, the heroes allied with us influence the strength and abilities of the ranked soldiers. Each of the three races has its own type of castle, with unique buildings and economy.

Call of Gods combines strategic elements with RPG. As part of this first aspect, we manage our fortress, build new structures and take care of the development of economy and technology. Once we have the right army, it's time to conquer enemy cities. At the same time, however, we can carry out side tasks modelled on typical roleplaying games in which we have heroes subordinate to us. Thanks to such missions we have the opportunity to gain experience points needed to develop our character and receive valuable equipment.

The game is a full browser production and offers attractive 2D color graphics. The whole system uses a free model with micropayments. At the same time, the authors offered extensive social options, allowing players to easily communicate, make duels, merge into covenants and trade in items.

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Game mode: massive online multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Age restrictions Call of Gods: Good for all ages.

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