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Game Box for Child of Light (PC)

Child of Light

Child of Light is a 2D RPG that combines the elements of modern platformers and Japanese role-playing games. It was developed by Ubisoft Montreal, a subsidiary of Ubisoft which also collaborated in the development of Far Cry and Assassin Creed games.

RPG | fantasy | turn-based | platform | 2D | for 2 people | co-op | classic RPG | splitscreen

Child of Light cover

developer: Ubisoft

publisher: Ubisoft

Official website

Game mode: single player

game release date:


PS3 X360 WiiU







Child of Light is an unique two-dimensional role playing game, developed by one of Ubisoft subsidiaries. The title was created by a 30-or-so-people team of experienced game developers under the direction of Patrick Plourde, a longtime Ubisoft employee, who worked on, among others, Assassin's Creed series and Far Cry 3.

Child of Light players can experience a purebred RPG with gameplay model set somewhere between Final Fantasy VI and Limbo. Similarly to games by Japanese studio Vanillaware (Odin Sphere and Dragon's Crown), exploration takes the style of traditional two-dimensional beat 'em ups and platform games. Combat is turn-based, like in typical jRPG’s. The story is character-driven, and it focuses on the protagonist’s way to maturity. In her journey she encounters many adversities and dangers lurking at every corner of this original fantasy world.

Child of Light was created with a 2D engine, called Ubi Art Framework – the one known from Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. It gave the developers a measure of freedom, and enabled them to bring their designs to life. This is really important, since the artwork is inspired by works of both Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy series) and Hayao Miyazaki (films by Studio Ghibli), as well as the best book illustrations of such artists as Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac. What we see on the screen looks like conceptual graphics and pictures came to life.

PEGI Rating

Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty.Game may be frightening or scary for young children.Game contains depictions of violence.

System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Recommended:
  • Core i3 2.6 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • graphic card 896 MB (GeForce GTX 260 or better)
  • 3 GB HDD
  • Windows 7(SP1)/8/8.1
Child of Light Game Guide
Child of Light Game Guide

game guide 09 May 2017

The guide for Child of Light contains detailed walkthrough, which describes all the steps necessary to complete it in 100%. Learn about characters, abilities, combat, potions, bosses and of course trophies and achievements.

Child of Light - Ubisoft's RPG With No Chance of Continuation
Child of Light - Ubisoft's RPG With No Chance of Continuation

news 04 May 2019 11:43

The creator of Child of Light informed that the chances of game's continuation are very low. He has an interesting idea for another game from the series, but Ubisoft company is not willing to finance such small projects at the moment.

Child of Light For Free on Uplay From Next Week
Child of Light For Free on Uplay From Next Week

news 20 March 2020 20:37

Ubisoft has prepared a surprise for the players. Between 24th and 28th March you will be able to get a free copy of Child of Light. The offer will apply only to PCs (Uplay platform).

Assassin's Creed 2, Rayman Legends and Child of Light Available For Free
Assassin's Creed 2, Rayman Legends and Child of Light Available For Free

news 02 May 2020 16:10

A promotion has been launched, enabling us to Assassin's Creed II, Child of Light and Rayman Legends, three great games released by Ubisoft, for free for the second time.

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