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City 2048 (iOS cover
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City 2048

City 2048 is a mobile puzzle game released on Android. According to the title, it combines solutions of puzzles type 2048 with the theme of city construction.

Puzzle | 2D | city builder

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City 2048 is a puzzle game available on mobile devices. The game is available for free and it doesn't have any microtransactions. Instead, the author, Andrew Kuznetsov, earns money from the ads displayed from time to time.


City 2048 doesn't contain any story - it focuses on pure gameplay. The game takes place on square maps containing sixteen fields. Some of them are empty and others are occupied by various structures, objects or forests. Our task is to combine identical fields into pairs, which causes them to combine and results in obtaining a new field with a greater level of complexity.

In typical 2048 productions, we combined numbers in this way to obtain their totals. Here, it was visualized in the form of city parts, and matching them into pairs increases their level of complexity and density. For example, merging two fields with a forest gives tiles with small cottages. Combining two fields with cottages and results in one square with single-family houses, etc. In the end, this leads us to the creation of fragments of a modern metropolis.

Of course, the fact that the map consists only of sixteen fields makes it more and more difficult to manipulate the elements to be able to create hybrids allowing to obtain fields identical to those already present on the screen. Sooner or later, you will reach the point where it is impossible to make further moves. The whole game depends on persevering as long as possible and achieving the highest possible score, which in City 2048 has the form of the number of inhabitants located in our metropolis.

Last updated on 11 May 2015

Game mode: single player  

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Age restrictions City 2048: Good for all ages.

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