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Game Box for DragoDino (XONE)


Hybrid platformer and roguelike production, in which we play the title dracodinosaur. While playing in DragoDino we go through procedural stages, bypass traps and fight against opponents, the distribution of which changes after each exhaustion of the supply to live.

Arcade | platform | roguelike | 2D | multiplayer | for 2 people | indie games | co-op

DragoDino cover

developer: TealRocks Studio

Official website

Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: split screen, players: 1-2

game release date:




Switch XONE

DragoDino is a platformer enriched with elements borrowed from the genre of roguelike, which is developed by an independent French team TealRocks Studio. The production appeared, among others, on the PC, XONE and Switch platforms.


The main character of the game DragoDino is the "smokodinosaur" of Bob, who, in order to recover his lost egg, goes on a dangerous journey through the Forest Kingdom; in order to find destruction, the protagonist must climb to the top of a giant tree.


In the action released on the PC, XONE and Switch DragoDino platform, the action was shown on the side. There are ten different levels to complete, full of traps and enemies waiting for the hero (among the latter three powerful bosses lead the way). Luckily, Bob is not helpless, because in the course of the struggle he makes use of various abilities, the range of which are broadened by power-ups acquired along the way (their effects can be combined with each other). Bob is not the only playable hero, and each of the four heroes has unique qualities and skills. It is complicated by the fact that individual stages are generated procedurally, which means that each time we start playing, we have to face different challenges.

Game modes

W DragoDino can be played alone or in the company of a second player, on a split screen. The game has two levels of difficulty - in normal life we have three lives, and after death we are reborn in one of the control points; in Hardcore mode we have only one life, and in case of death of the hero we start from the beginning of the fight.

Technical issues

Two-dimensional graphics for PC, XONE and Switch DragoDino have been kept in cartoon style, complemented by a catchy soundtrack that accompanies our struggle.

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Age Rating

age requirements: everyone

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