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Game Box for Dragon Ball: Fusions (3DS)

Dragon Ball: Fusions 3DS

An RPG based on the cult-classic manga by Akira Toriyama. The game was developed by Ganbraion, with Konami acting as the distributor.

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Nintendo 3DS
Dragon Ball: Fusions cover

developer: Ganbarion

Multiplayer mode: Internet

English language game language: English

game release date for 3DS:


Dragon Ball: Fusions is an RPG for 3DS, created by Ganbarion studio and released by Bandai Namco. This is another of numerous titles using the Dragon Ball license created by Akira Toriyama.


Dragon Ball: Fusions approaches the Dragon Ball universe quite loosely. In the story mode, we play as a boy named Tekka, who together with his best friend and rival Pinich, has managed to collect the dragon balls and summoned Shenron - a dragon able to fulfill almost any wish. The heroes wanted to start the biggest martial arts tournament in history. The dragon creates the Valley of Time and Space, creating Jikuichi Budokai tournament (literally the strongest in Time and Space) for the most powerful warriors in the Dragon Ball universe.


The game focuses on turn-based battles of five-person teams, which can include representatives of five groups: Namekians, Aliens, Saiyans, Offworlders and Earthlings. The title offers characters well known to fans of the series: Vegeta, Freeza, Cell and, of course, Son Goku, as well as those from the latest anime series Dragon Ball Super such as Auta Magetta, Vados and Cabba. In addition, you can create a custom warrior with a simple character creator.

The biggest attraction of Dragon Ball: Fusions for 3DS is the system of the titular fusions. They appear in three types: the combination of two characters known from the series as well as two completely new techniques - EX-Fusion and Maxi-Fusion. The latter allows you to create a warrior by fusing all five characters in your team. Contrary to the previously known fusion, the new types allow you to combine heroes of different Ki levels, which, due to the presence of characters from all the series released so far, makes it possible for players to create completely unusual combinations.

Game score 6.22 / 10 calculated out of 19 players' votes.  

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