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Dragon Fantasy Book II (PSV cover
Game Box forDragon Fantasy Book II (PSV)

Dragon Fantasy Book II

The second part of a simple two-dimensional RPG with a turn-based combat system, inspired by Japanese classics of the genre from the times of 8-bit consoles. Both the mechanics and the setting of the game do not differ from what we could see in those games.

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Dragon Fantasy Book II Release Date



Dragon Fantasy Book II is a traditional two-dimensional RPG, modeled on the classic 16-bit representatives of the genre from the mid-1990s, such as SNES from Nintendo. The game was developed by a small team of independent developers from Muteki Corporation. As the title suggests, the game is the second part of the series. The first part was originally released on mobile platforms and PC, later ported to Sony consoles. The first Dragon Fantasy was also a tribute to early console RPGs, but it drew inspiration from older 8-bit titles such as the first Final Fantasy.


Dragon Fantasy Book II takes us to a rather standard fantasy world, where two powerful countries, the Kingdom of Tundaria and the Empire of Sandheim, are fighting for supremacy. The protagonists, both new and those we met in the previous game, are in the very middle of the conflict between the powers and will play an extremely important role in it. During the adventure, the party will be divided into three groups and the players will get to know the fate of each of them.


JRPG veterans should feel like a fish in the water because the gameplay model uses elements known from the best classics of the genre. During the adventure, we will navigate through standard two-dimensional locations, as well as a large map of the world made in a pseudo-3D style, which was used e.g. in Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI. We will spend a lot of time on fighting various creatures. The fights take place on the same screen as the exploration. What's more, the monsters are visible on the map and we don't have to be afraid of random encounters with enemies. During fights, we use various skills, spells, items and equipment that has an impact on character statistics.

Game modes

A big innovation is the multiplayer mode, designed for up to four people who play in the same party. During the game, they can split up and look for things or cooperate to defeat stronger enemies together. In addition, players can test themselves against others on a slaughter ground in a special colosseum.

Technical aspects

The graphics of Dragon Fantasy Book II don't differ from the standards adopted in the mid-1990s. Both the music and graphics are done ina a retro 16-bit style. However, the developers have prepared a graphical filter that eliminates the "pixelated" look of the game and increases the resolution of the image. On the other hand, we can also enable 8-bit mode, in which we reduce the number of details and colors, making the title similar to the first part.

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet   Player counter: 1-4  

Age restrictions Dragon Fantasy Book II: Good for all ages.

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