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Shin Gundam Musou (PSV cover
Game Box forShin Gundam Musou (PSV)

Shin Gundam Musou

The next installment of the side series of Dynasty Warriors series, in which we control mechs known from TV series and films. The action was placed in the Gundama universe.

Action | TPP | hack'and'slash | Mechs | manga and anime | beat 'em up | Gundam | co-op | splitscreen | PlayStation exclusive titles

Shin Gundam Musou Release Date



developer: Omega Force publisher: Koei Tecmo Official website

Dyntasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn (in Japan known as Shin Gundam Musou) is a three-dimensional action game and the fourth part of the side series of Dynasty Warriors. During the game, players play as mech pilots known from series, films, comic books and books set in the universe of Gundam. The game was developed by Tecmo Koei and Omega Force studio. The creators did not introduce any revolutionary changes to the gameplay model, choosing only a cosmetic improvement of some options. However, the game doesn't use the graphics style of Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3.


Like the previous parts of the series, the game recreates many scenes and situations from more than forty years of the brand's history. Fans of practically every Gundam TV series or film should find all their favorite characters here. The missions are interrupted by short cut-scenes, in which we will hear original actors from the series. In total, more than 100 different mechs and pilots were made available to us.

During the game, we observe the action from the third-person perspective. As in any standard Dynasty Warriors game, the levels are divided into sectors, over which we take control, defeating dozens of identical opponents and stronger commanders. However, since we control mechs and not antique warriors, we have greater possibilities of fast movement and ranged attacks than in the main series. Each machine also has unique attacks and capabilities. We use a variety of energy weapons as well as conventional and melee weapons such as beam sabers and beam axes. We develop our firepower over time, gaining experience in combat. Each mech can be piloted by a specific pilot, whose statistics are improved regardless of the machine controlled by them.

Game modes

The multiplayer mode allows two people to play on a split screen and also to play online. We can complete any mission from the campaign together.

Technical aspects

The game abandoned the previously used cel-shading technology. Instead, it returned to the standard and more realistic representation of the machines, similar to the first and the second part of the series. The graphics quality isn't that great, but it allows the game to display dozens of enemy models on the screen, without a significant loss of performance.

Last updated on 25 October 2013

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet   Player counter: 1-4  

Age restrictions Shin Gundam Musou: Good for all ages.

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