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Emergency vehicles
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Firefighting Simulator: The Squad
Firefighting Simulator: The Squad

Simulation 17 November 2020

Firefighting Simulator is another game from Astragon Entertainment, a studio that specializes in simulations. This time, we take the role of a firefighter and take part in various rescue operations where we have to put out fires and take care of the aftermath of other calamities. Action is presented from a first-person perspective. We do our job in many various locations: detached houses, mansions, public buildings, and factories. Firefighting Simulator was created in cooperation with Rosenbauer Group, one of the leading manufacturers of firefighting equipment. Thanks to that, we use the same equipment as the real firefighters, including the Rosenbauer TP3 Pumper firetruck. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 which makes its visuals truly stunning.

Notruf 112: Die Feuerwehr Simulation
Notruf 112: Die Feuerwehr Simulation

Simulation 09 November 2016

A simulation game developed by German company Aerosoft. In Emergency Call 112 - The Fire Fighting Simulation the player assumes the role of a firefighter posted to a fictional city, which is open for exploration. As you play, you take part in a various rescue operations – starting with road accidents, through cleaning toxic spills, to putting down fires of houses and industrial compounds. Each crisis is generated procedurally and may take place both outside and inside buildings. In your work you make use of a variety of tools (such as hoses, mobile lifts and ladders), but the success depends not only on the proper use of equipment at hand, but also on the coordination of your entire team. The characteristic feature of Emergency Call 112 - The Fire Fighting Simulation is its far-reaching realism – the game developers consulted firefighters from Mülheim, Germany, which helped them faithfully recreate the equipment and vehicles (spearheaded by LF24) used by them. As for graphics, it may not be the game’s biggest strength, but the players may like the design of firefighters’ trucks and the realistic way in which the fire spreads.

Firefighters 2014
Firefighters 2014

Simulation 21 May 2014

Rescue HQ: The Tycoon
Rescue HQ: The Tycoon

Strategy 28 May 2019

An economic strategy game, in which our task is to coordinate the activities of three services - the police, the fire brigade, and the ambulance service. In addition to responding to citizens' calls, while playing Rescue HQ: The Tycoon, we need to expand our headquarters, buy more vehicles, and employ staff, for whom we need to provide the right conditions.

Stormworks: Build and Rescue
Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Simulation 17 September 2020

In Stormworks: Build and Rescue, we take on the role of a rescue service, for which missions on land, water and air are awaiting, carried out with the help of self-constructed machines. Sunfire Software and Green Man Gaming Publishing are responsible for the game.

Helicopter Simulator: Search & Rescue
Helicopter Simulator: Search & Rescue

Simulation 01 October 2012

The rescue helicopter simulator is an aeronautical arcade simulation. The player has the opportunity to play the role of a helicopter pilot and take part in 45 rescue missions. The creators of the game prepared eight machines at the controls of which you can sit down and large boards with a total area of about 200 square kilometers.

HERO: Flood Rescue
HERO: Flood Rescue

Simulation 2022

HERO: The Flood Rescue is an arcade simulator in which we direct a rescue unit to help flood victims. During the game, the player can control a variety of character classes and uses a wide range of specialized equipment, including a helicopter and fire truck.

Emergency Services Simulator 2014
Emergency Services Simulator 2014

Simulation 02 October 2013

A strategy game in which the player's task is to coordinate the activities of rescue services helping victims of accidents and catastrophes. The production offers several missions in campaign mode and a free game module.

Ambulance Simulator 2014
Ambulance Simulator 2014

Simulation 28 August 2013

Ambulance simulator, in which we are faced with the task of helping people in a life-threatening or health-threatening situation in several dozen different missions. The game offers both day and night gameplay behind the wheel of four vehicles with different performance and purpose.

Ship Simulator: Maritime Search and Rescue
Ship Simulator: Maritime Search and Rescue

Simulation 02 July 2014

A realistic simulation game, imitating the work of specialized marine rescue services. Playing the role of a rescue captain, we supervise the course of actions taking place in the waters of the North Sea or the Baltic Sea. In subsequent missions we pump out water from ships, extinguish fires in the open sea and save passengers in danger.

THW Simulator 2012
THW Simulator 2012

Simulation 24 April 2012

Emergency Services Simulator 2012 is a simulation game produced by Crenetic development studio. The player has the opportunity to manage the rescue unit team and the specialized vehicles used by it (such as a crane, bulldozer and a motor boat). The production has been enriched with educational elements in the form of materials devoted to the history and equipment of THW (Technisches Hilfswerk) rescue services.

Mountain Rescue Simulator
Mountain Rescue Simulator

Simulation 08 October 2014

City Crisis
City Crisis

Simulation 17 July 2001

City Crisis studio Syscom is another representative of the simulation games genre. We play the role of a pilot of a helicopter, supporting the activities of the police and fire brigade. Depending on which service we support, there are three gameplay modes.