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EverQuest Next (PS4 cover
Game Box forEverQuest Next (PS4)

EverQuest Next

The third installment in the popular MMORPG series, which aims to present a new approach to the franchise. It was developed by Sony Online Entertainment and is distributed in the free-to-play business model.

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EverQuest Next for PC and PS4 is the installment in the popular series of MMORPG by Sony Online Entertainment. The intention of the creators was not to replace the two previous games. Instead, the production is simply an alternative and fresh look at the popular universe. The game uses a free-to-play business model and utilizes micropayments.


The action takes place in land of Norrath, well-known from previous games in the series. It is not, however, merely a copy of the earlier games set in this universe. Instead, the entire continent has been completely transformed. We canstill find a few familiar places, but even they look differently, and the remaining areas are practically brand new. In this way, even veterans of the series need not fear boredom during exploration, and, at the same time, do not have the advantage over the newbies. In addition, during the exploration we have the opportunity to get to know the past of Norrath. The developers created ten thousand years of history of this land, which players can discover fragment by fragment.


EverQuest Next for PC and PS4 uses a new graphics engine based on voxels. This allows you to destroy virtually every element of the environment, including plants, structures, and objects. Completely transformed this game. We can, for example, slow down a march of hostile armies by destroying a bridge, and in the mountains intentionally causing avalanches proves to be an effective way to eliminate a large group of enemies. In addition, the land of Norrath has a large system of randomly generated dungeons. To get to it, we can look for the entry, or simply to dig our way in.


The influence of the players on the shape of the world is not limited to the environment. Instead, users' decisions also shape the geopolitical situation. During the game, mighty cities fall and new are created, rulers and deities also change. We get a lot of choice during the mission and the way it will end shapes available tasks for the other characters. Moreover, in addition to standard adventures, events called Rallying Calls also appear and last for many months, acting as a network campaigns for thousands of players. Achieving success in those is only possible with the involvement of a large part of the community. It is not possible to build a castle or defeat an entire army alone.

Combat system was completely rebuilt. It utilizes solutions of traditional RPGs and arcade games. The interface is simple and there are only a few skills located on the bar. A key role is played by the competent navigating the environment and manually aiming the attacks, but the outcome of the fight is also affected by the characteristics of the character and the equipment. Considerable changes were also made in the movement mechanics, which now resembles platform games and allows you to perform spectacular acrobatics. In addition, EverQuest Next for PC and PS4 has an interesting approach to character development. There are no experience levels. Instead, specific skills are improved. The creators prepared a number of startup classes, but we are not limited by their frames and we can freely choose the abilities and talents of various professions.

Last updated on 21 November 2014

Game mode: massive online multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Expectations: 9.3 / 10 based on 296 votes.

Age restrictions EverQuest Next: 16+

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