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Exzore: The Rising (PS4 cover
Game Box forExzore: The Rising (PS4)

Exzore: The Rising

RPG with an open world, set in the medieval European-inspired land of Eogaan. The player takes on the role of Damien Clive, who tries to recover his honour after falling victim to betrayal.

RPG | the middle ages | sandbox | crowdfunding | indie games

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Exzore: The Rising is an RPG developed by independent studio Tiny Shark Interactive.


Exzore: The Rising takes the player on a journey to the fictional land of Eogaan, inspired by the European Middle Ages. The main character of the game is Damien Clive - a former commander of the Exzore military unit, who was a victim of betrayal and does everything he can to regain his lost honor. The story has a non-linear course, and thanks to the so-called Affinity System, the path it will follow depends on our actions and decisions taken during the game. The same applies to the quests assigned by NPCs, which we carry out during the game - the missions can be completed in several ways, which entails various consequences.


The world in Exzore: The Rising has an open structure. The land is diverse - traversing its vast areas, we find both cities, villages and smaller settlements (among which we will find the Grand City of Kymoria), as well as snow-covered mountains and marshy valleys. Exploration is made more attractive by the possibility ofusing the help of the faithful companion of the main character, the eagle Icarus. The bird not only detects enemies and treasures, but also provides support in battle.

Interestingly, Eogaan is subject to constant change - both natural (resulting from the day and night cycle and seasons), as well as caused by our actions. Four different factions (Vynen, Cronpheet, Kymoria and Kroto) have divided the world between themselves - joining each of them requires compliance with specific laws and duties. Joining the ranks of a given group not only gives us access to special tasks, unique rewards and skills, but also influences the course of the story.

The combat plays an important role - in battles we make use of various equipment; list of available weapons included a long sword or a war hammer, as well as various gadgets, such as a handy dart launcher. The game also features a crafting system - each weapon or armour is made of three elements described by means of statistics; these parts can be freely exchanged for more powerful ones.

As far as the aforementioned abilities are concerned, they can have passive or active character, and are divided into four trees corresponding to the charcter archetypes. While the skills of the Guardian tree enable us to achieve mastery in using a long sword, Warrior abilities influence combat using hammers and battle axes; Deadly Exzore in turn influences the mastery in using gadgets, while Falconer increases the abilities of our winged ally.

Technical aspects

Exzore: The Rising is powered by the Unreal Engine 4 technology. The three-dimensional visuals of this production presents a decent level of execution, although in terms of quality it is a bit different from the genre's top ten. The atmospheric soundtrack enhances the impression of participating in an epic adventure.

Last updated on 08 June 2017

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Exzore: The Rising: Good for all ages.

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