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Game Box for Final Fantasy: Awakening (AND)

Final Fantasy: Awakening

Final Fantasy Type-0 Online

An action-RPG, which takes the player to a fantasy world of Orience. The land is torn by a conflict between four nations.

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Final Fantasy: Awakening cover

publisher: Oasis Games

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Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet

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Final Fantasy: Awakening is an action-RPG developed by Perfect World. The game is free to play and it uses microtransactions.


Final Fantasy: Awakening is set in a universe created as part of the Fabula Nova Cristallis subseries, which mainly includes Final Fantasy Type-0. The player is taken for a journey around the land of Orience, which is inhabited by four rival nations that prosper thanks to magic crystals. Although a war they had fought for influence ended with signing a peace treaty, the truce did not last long, as the Milites Empire violated the agreement. The player assumes the role of a student of the Academy, and the protagonist has a magic power. Their goal is to put an end to a threat over the entire Orience - this comes down to having an ancient prophecy fulfilled. The course of the story and its ending both depend on the player's decisions.


In Final Fantasy: Awakening the player begins with creating their character. One chooses between sexes, defines the character's appearance, but also selects one of three specialties (Windblade Warrior, Fire Gunner or Ice Magitek Knight). Having gone through this initial stage, the player begins the actual adventure. The player is required to complete story missions (above all, it involves exploration, and the action is viewed from the third-person view), and to fight the adversaries - combat is viewed from an isometric perspective.

Combat is real-time in this game, and while fighting, the protagonist moves freely around the battlefield. The player engages in melee combat and makes use of both ranged and magic attacks. Apart from that, powerful beings can be summoned to battle - above all, those are Eidolons - making a proper use of them can change the course of battle.

Although the protagonist begins the adventure alone, other characters join them over time - both completely new figures were included along with characters that appeared in the aforementioned Final Fantasy Type-0. Though the player has to meet specific requirements in order to unlock particular characters, it is worth the effort, as a team comprised of up to four members constitutes a significantly larger threat to the enemies than the protagonist alone. Alongside progression, the player's subordinates reach subsequent levels; the characters can improve their combat potential through obtaining more and more powerful equipment.

Game modes

Final Fantasy: Awakening offers a single-player story mode. However, the game gives an opportunity to take part in Player-vs-Player encounters. A PvE mode was included as well - the player explores dungeons in company of others in this variant. What complements all of this, are special challenges allowing the player to put their skills to a test.

Technical aspects

Final Fantasy: Awakening utilizes the Unity engine. In terms of the employed style, the game's quite decent, three-dimensional graphics bring to mind the main installments of the Final Fantasy series. What catches one's attention above all, are the polished cut-scenes and spectacular animations appearing while the so-called "Summons" are brought to battle.

Age Rating

age requirements: 12+

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