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Flight Unlimited 2K16 (AND cover
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Flight Unlimited 2K16

An air simulator that is the successor to the popular series from the late 90's. Players have the opportunity to sit at the helm of various aircraft, both civil and military, and explore the meticulously mapped areas of Las Vegas, San Francisco and the Swiss Alps from height.

Simulation | planes

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Flight Unlimited 2K16 is a flight simulator developed by Flight Systems LLC, a studio with such games as Flight Unlimited and Flight Unlimited Las Vegas in its portfolio. All these titles are the heirs to a very popular series from the second half of the 90s, developed by Looking Glass Technologies (the devs of the Thief series). Apart from the name and subject, Flight Systems LLC's work has little in common with its recognizable ancestors.


Flight Unlimited 2K16 focuses on flying the various aircraft. There are 13 machines at the player's disposal. They include both civilian and passenger machines, including a small Cessna, as well as military aircraft, including the famous B-2 bomber. We can fly in three regions - San Francisco, Las Vegas and the Swiss Alps. We can go to these places in two modes. The first is the free flight, in which we can explore the maps without stress and enjoy the possibility of piloting the machines. The second is the story campaign, in which the players take part in story missions inspired, as the devs themselves admit, by the GTA series. The range of scenarios is very diverse. For example, in one of them we have to execute an emergency landing on the famous Golden Gate Bridge, in another, we have to save hostages from Alcatraz, and in another yet, we have to test a new combat aircraft.

As the devs revealed, the flight model has been developed for more than two years. The work on the development of the entire simulation was constantly supervised by an aeronautical aviation expert. During the game, we can get to know both what individual instruments in the cockpit are used for, as well as how the airplane behaves in the air. What's more, during the flight there may be random failures or damage, to which we have to react quickly and appropriately.

Technical aspects

Flight Unlimited 2K16 uses advanced streaming technology, which enables the developers to squeeze out the maximum from the game's engine. The surroundings of San Francisco, Las Vegas and the Swiss Alps (approximately 800 square miles in total) have been accurately reproduced from high-quality satellite images. As a result, the title contains not only the most characteristic landmarks such as Alcatraz, Oracle Arena, Golden Gate Bridge, AT&T Park or famous hotels in Las Vegas but also ordinary residential buildings. According to the devs, the most persistent players from the respective region can even find their own home.

The sky has been reproduced with similar care. The players can fly their planes through three-dimensional volumetric clouds. But please note, they may herald the arrival of bad weather. You can fly during storms, fogs or hails. The title also features a day and night cycle.

Last updated on 01 December 2017

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Flight Unlimited 2K16: Good for all ages.

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