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The Innsmouth Case
The Innsmouth Case

Adventure 23 June 2020

Adventure game realized in the form of a virtual gamebook, based on the work of H.P. Lovecraft. In The Innsmouth Case we play the role of a detective who comes to the town to solve the mysterious disappearance of little Tabitha Marsh.

Crusader Kings: Chronicles
Crusader Kings: Chronicles

Adventure 20 July 2016

Crusader Kings: Chronicles is a spin-off of a famous PC series of strategic games by Paradox, rendered as a mobile gamebook with RPG elements. The plot of Crusader Kings: Chronicles, created by an author of historical novels and fantasy, M. Harold Page, takes us into medieval times, right into the middle of the conflict between Scots and English. The protagonist is a young noble by the name of Guy de Rose, who inherits a great castle after his deceased father, and has to establish a firm grip over his domain, earn the respect of local population, and thwart the plans of an enemy, who wants to take over his inheritance. The mechanics do not venture far off the standards of the genre, and the gameplay boils down to following the plot (which is non-linear to a considerable degree) and influencing the events by choosing one of the available courses of action. A lot of emphasis has been placed on creating and maintaining relations with other characters. The game is seasoned by some RPG elements that allow the development the hero's statistics.

Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure
Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure

RPG 30 April 2020

An RPG based on the Deathtrap Dungeon gamebook written by Ian Livingstone and made as an interactive film. In Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure the player tries to get out of Baron Sukumvit's maze full of traps.

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

RPG 14 November 2013

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf is a Forge Reply made article enriched with elements taken from the cRPG genre. As we play, we follow the text narrative and make decisions that lead the plot to new tracks. At the same time, the battle sequences were realized in the form of a turn-based battle system, offering three-dimensional graphics and considerable freedom of tactics.

The Seed
The Seed

Adventure 27 June 2017

An RPG text adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world, designed by the creators of the MISERY mod for the video game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. The action of the game takes place on the territory of today’s Russia, now a country devastated by an ecological cataclysm that wiped most of humanity out of the face of Earth. During the game, the player gets to discover the true reasons behind the cataclysm and attempts to help in rebuilding the human civilization. In The Seed, the events are presented to players in the form of a text and it is up to the player to decide on the main protagonist’s actions - the history branches off and leads to one of over a dozen possible endings. Simultaneously, the gameplay revolves around RPG mechanics, thus the main protagonist exhibits a set of features, acquires useful pieces of gear, and interacts with other characters. Moreover, The Seed delivers some survival elements – one has to gather provisions, deal with various diseases, and avoid areas with high levels of radiation. The audiovisuals are enriched with animated sequences and sound effects.

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

RPG 01 September 2016

An adaptation of the popular gamebook that was released in the 80's. The game was developed by Tin Man Games. It takes place in a grim fantasy universe and the player assumes the role of an adventurer who seeks to obtain treasures of a powerful sorcerer hiding at the top of the titular mountain. In order to reach the chest with the valuables, one must gain two keys and then defeat the sorcerer. Gameplay mechanics in The Warlock of Firetop Mountain are similar to classic gamebooks, allowing the player to explore dungeons, disarm various traps and fight monsters – all by selecting one of a few available actions. What’s different from the original gamebook is how the action is presented. Instead of blocks of text, the title employs fully three-dimensional graphics with text descriptions. Combat sequences play out using a turn-based system, just like in classic cRPG games.

Sorcery! 3
Sorcery! 3

RPG 22 April 2015

Third entry in the series of fantasy gamebook RPGs, started in 2013 by inkle Ltd.. The story of Sorcery! 3 connects to two previous titles, but it is not necessary to know them in order to play the game. That’s because we are taken to a completely new region, Kakhabad, where a powerful artifact known as The Crown of Kings is hidden in one of cities. We are given the task of retrieving this relic, though our mission will be much more difficult due to five snake lords standing in our way, each of them determined to kill us. Game mechanics remained mostly the same as in the previous titles, offering a more interactive approach to gamebooks than most other games of this genre. Aside from battles and decisions, we will take part in many conversations, and explore many locations. The game features good-looking visuals.

Out There: Chronicles
Out There: Chronicles

Adventure 07 July 2016

A mobile adventure game developed by French studio Mi-Clos. The story of Out There: Chronicles is related to the exploration strategy game Out There. The title is not a direct sequel but a rather spin-off. Once again the player travels to the distant galaxy inhabited by various alien species. The main protagonist is a lone human astronaut. Out There: Chronicles expands the player's knowledge player about the universe by, for example, explaining who created the so-called Arcs. Out There: Chronicles is an adventure game of the gamebook subgenre. The gameplay focuses on reading the descriptions of events that are accompanied by graphics and animations. Between the descriptions the player must select one of several available reactions to the events that occur on the screen. The decisions can lead the story to different outcomes. The title is enriched with small RPG and strategy features – during the game the player must develop the protagonist and manage the resources of his ship. Out There: Chronicles features nice, cartoonish 2D graphics.


RPG 02 May 2013

An interactive adaptation of a popular gamebook, Sorcery! The Shamunatai Hills, created by Steve Jackson in 1983. Its story takes place in a fantasy world known as Titan and revolves around an artifact called The Crown of Kings, which gives its wearer supernatural powers. When the crown gets stolen by an evil archmage, who uses its power to subdue wild tribes and attack nearby countries, a lone warrior takes it upon himself to retrieve the artifact. In terms of game mechanics, the title isn’t a simple adaptation of original rule set, offering more freedom and new options. We explore the lands, develop the skills of our character, and make many decisions that affect plot developments. The most noteworthy feature is a unique battle system that requires us to move our characters on-screen to attack or dodge.

Fighting Fantasy: House of HelI
Fighting Fantasy: House of HelI

RPG 18 January 2013

Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell is a PC-based adaptation of the 1984 paper paragraph. The production is maintained in a climate of horror and combines traditional for its genre text narration and decision making with extensive RPG mechanisms, within which our character has action-impacting statistics.

Antioch: Scarlet Bay
Antioch: Scarlet Bay

Adventure canceled

A text adventure game focusing on co-op experience and investigation-related aspects. It was created by Mi-Clos - a French developer. The year is 1983 and the plot is set in the titular Antioch - a fictional town surrounded by sea and mountains. The game follows the adventures of two detectives working on an exceptionally complicated case. The entire action takes place in a small, open world, where a large number of side cases await for solving, apart from the main storyline the game presents the player with. When it comes to the mechanics, Antioch makes references to classic gamebooks - for the most part, the player is engaged in reading, which is accompanied by numerous graphics and animations displayed. However, the game stands out with its focus on cooperation between two players assuming the roles of the detectives mentioned above. Their mutual interactions, decisions made and teamwork during interrogations all shape the course of the story and affect the final results of the investigation.

Lifeline: Whiteout
Lifeline: Whiteout

Adventure 24 May 2016

Another installment in a series of mobile adventure titles developed by 3 Minute Games. The plot is centered around a man called V. Adams, who wakes up in a distant corner of the Earth one day, right in the middle of a raging snow storm. Without remembering how he got there, he realizes he has no chances of survival just on his own. However, a special text message system allowing him to contact the player becomes helpful in his attempt to make his way out of that dangerous place. The player's task is to give various advices to the protagonist, in order for him to be able to make it out alive and find a way back to civilization. Along the way, the player also helps the protagonist in discovering the truth behind his past and the events that led to this miserable situation. Similarly to the previous installments, Lifeline: Whiteout is a form of a gamebook that requires the player to respond to the messages received, choosing from several reponse options available. These affect the actions of the protagonist and further developments of the story.

Below (Failbetter Games)
Below (Failbetter Games)

RPG canceled

Browser RPG with a strong narrative layer, in which elements of a card and a traditional paragraph game are combined. The game consists in exploring the underground, during which we make constant choices that influence the development of the plot. The game is enriched by two decks of random cards, symbolizing the locations, characters, adventures and memories of the hero.

Sons of Uruzime
Sons of Uruzime

Adventure 13 May 2015

An adventure gamebook with RPG elements for mobile devices. Sons of Uruzime was inspired by stories by Howard Philips Lovecraft and utilizes many motives from the Cthulhu Mythos. You play as a University of Miskatonic professor, who receives a letter from a missing student. The student warns the professor against a dark cult involving much of the university's staff. The story is shown mostly via text with occasional pictures. You often have to make decisions by choosing one of several available actions, which affect the plot. The game gives you much freedom in shaping the story and to discover all of its elements, you'll have to complete it several times. At the same time, the productions features strong RPG elements. You characters has a range of characteristics and abilities, which are used when calculating the probability of success of your actions.

Sorcery! 4: The Crown of Kings
Sorcery! 4: The Crown of Kings

Adventure 22 September 2016

The fourth (and, according to its creators, final) entry in the warmly-welcomed adventure RPG series from inkle based on Sorcery!, a popular gamebook from 1983. Like the three previous titles, Sorcery! 4 offers a completely new story, so knowledge of the earlier games isn’t necessary to play. Once again, we can create a completely new character or import our old hero from the previous parts of the series. The gameplay of Sorcery! 4 employs the usual mechanics of the series, focusing on exploration and reading to get to know characters and the surrounding world. The story, however, develops non-linearly and is shaped by the numerous decisions the player had taken throughout the game. The game is complemented by the trademarks of the series: the character progression system and unique arcade combat.

Sorcery! 2
Sorcery! 2

Adventure 07 November 2013

A sequel to a unique adventure RPG by inkle studio, and an adaptation of a popular gamebook by Steve Jackson and John Blanche. The story of Sorcery! 2 continues the tale of its predecessor and takes us to Khare, town of outlaws, where The Festival of Thieves is celebrated. Players have to discover the mysteries of the town, overthrow the council ruling it, and stop an incoming invasion. We can start with a completely new character or import our hero from the first game to explore the world and talk with characters, making decisions that affect the plot. Interestingly, depending on our personal feelings, the town’s inhabitants might not necessarily deserve saving, and their fate is mostly in our hands. The key features of the first Sorcery! are obviously present, including the original character development system and the unusual battle system that chooses the actions available to us depending on our play style.