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Crusader Kings: Chronicles (AND cover
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Crusader Kings: Chronicles

Crusader Kings: Chronicles is a spin-off of a famous PC series of strategic games by Paradox, rendered as a mobile gamebook with RPG elements. The plot of Crusader Kings: Chronicles, created by an author of historical novels and fantasy, M.

Adventure | the middle ages | RPG elements | gamebook

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Crusader Kings: Chronicles is a mobile game book and a spin-off to the popular series of PC strategy games Crusader Kings. The title was developed and published by Paradox.


Like the brand's PC installments, Crusader Kings: Chronicles takes us back to the Middle Ages, to the British Isles, to the very heart of the conflict between the Scots and the British. Players take on the role of a young nobleman named Guy de Rose, who at the beginning of the campaign inherits a castle from his father. He is faced with a difficult task: he must consolidate his position, gain the respect of the people and thwart the plans of a ruthless knight who wants to take over his wealth.

As is the case with every gamebook, the most important role in Crusader Kings: Chronicles is played by the story. In order to ensure its quality, M. Harold Page, the author of many historical novels and fantasy, was employed to prepare the script.


Mechanics in Crusader Kings: Chronicles are typical of gamebooks. During the campaign we follow the text narration, enriched with occasional pictures. From time to time we have to react to the events by selecting one of the several available options, and the decisions directs the plot to new tracks. The production is largely non-linear and in order to see all possible stories we have to complete it several (dozen) times. There's no shortage of paths that lead to the hero's death, forcing us to restart the game or load a previous saved game state.

All this is diversified by lightweight RPG elements. Characters are described with several statistics, we can develop the hero, and the result of some actions is determined by invisible dice throws. In addition, creating and maintaining relationships with other characters, as well as gaining the respect of our subjects plays a key role in gameplay, and the game offers a separate interface for monitoring these relationships.

Game mode: single player  

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Age restrictions Crusader Kings: Chronicles: 16+

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