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Hidden Deep (PC cover
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Hidden Deep PC

Hidden Deep is a 2D horror by Lukasz Kaluski, inspired by the films Aliens and The Thing and the Half-Life game series. After the disappearance of an expedition exploring caves deep under the ocean, a group of four explorers sets out to finish their work.

Action | science fiction | survival horror | horror | 2D | Polish | indie games | side-scroll | action adventure

Hidden Deep Release Date PC


developer: Cogwheel Software publisher: Daedalic Entertainment Official website

English language game language: English

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Hidden Deep is a 2D science-fiction action game by Lukasz Kaluski, developer from one-man studio Cogwheel Software. The developer, previously known for his Amiga games, describes Hidden Deep as a passion project that he has been working on for years. It is his first game in over twenty years. In the game, we play as a four-person research team exploring a mysterious complex at the bottom of the ocean. Tight corridors and vast caverns turn out to be home to never-before-seen, aggressive life forms. The team is forced to fight for survival and to uncover the mystery behind the complex. The game was published by German Daedelic Entertainment, also responsible for publishing Barotrauma, another game with a similar atmosphere.


The background of the plot is an unsuccessful research expedition heading deep beneath the ocean's surface. A group of scientists was sent to investigate mysterious anomalies occurring in the complex discovered there. Suddenly, without warning, contact between the scientists and the base broke off and the fate of the researchers remained unknown. The game begins 681 days later. A second, much better prepared expedition is sent to the bottom. Their mission is to investigate the fate of the previous team and the interior of the complex. The game is inspired by films such as Alien or The Thing, pitting us against bloodthirsty, grotesque creatures who want us dead.


The player's goal is the exploration of caves and chambers, connected with the fight against attackers. The team is made up of four heroes. We can control them simultaneously, separately, or in smaller groups. Each researcher has different tools at his disposal, e.g. scanners to detect enemies or hidden rooms, climbing ropes, explosives. The player also has the opportunity to control heavy machines, such as drills or cranes. Using these mechanics we have to solve puzzles and find hidden passages. The game is very focused on world physics and destructible environments.

Enemies and death are everywhere. Enemies often hide in the scenery and attack by surprise, forcing you to scan rooms frequently. Our team is equipped with firearms, but they are not very effective against larger monsters. Contact with the enemy means a very quick, bloody and brutal death. During confrontations we have to stay calm and careful - otherwise we won't get far.

Game modes

Hidden Deep features two main game modes - story and survival. Story mode is a campaign consisting of over 50 levels, in which we learn the history of the expedition and the mysterious complex Survival mode, on the other hand, places us on a randomly generated map, forcing us to defend ourselves against a huge number of incoming monsters. The game also gives us an integrated level editor where we can create our own levels.

Technical aspects

The graphic design of Hidden Deep is simple, clear and pleasant to the eye. Its main feature are the detailed animations. Motion capture technique was used to create 2D character models. Thanks to this technique animations are smooth and realistic. The audio is atmospheric and builds tension. The soundtrack consists mainly of quiet, subtle music and very loud noises made by the creatures we meet.

Game mode: single player  

Expectations: 5.9 / 10 based on 13 votes.

Age restrictions Hidden Deep: 18+

Hidden Deep System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Minimum:
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • graphic card Intel HD 3000 or better
  • 1 GB HDD
  • Windows 7/8/10
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