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Hieroglyphika (PC cover
Game Box forHieroglyphika (PC)

Hieroglyphika PC

A combination of a role-playing game and roguelike elements by indie developer M. Hanka. Hieroglyphika takes place in Egypt, where the protagonist, Howard Carter, gets trapped in an ancient pyramid, which has sunk deep into the desert sand.

RPG | turn-based | roguelike | tactical | 2D | Egyptian mythology

Hieroglyphika Release Date PC


developer: M.Hanka publisher: M.Hanka Official website

English language game language: English

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Hieroglyphika is an independent game containing elements characteristic for roguelike and RPG titles. The title was developed by one person - m.hanka.


Hieroglyphika takes the player on a journey to Egypt. The main character, Howard Carter, is imprisoned inside an ancient pyramid that sank deep into the sands of the desert. The player's task is to face the threats lurking at every step and learn about the secrets hidden by the giant structure.


The pillar of gameplay in Hieroglyphika is the exploration of the tunnels that make up a vast labyrinth. The interior of the pyramid is filled with sarcophagi, in which we can find useful equipment such as armor and weapons, as well as texts written in hieroglyphs - their decryption enables us to learn magical spells. The danger is posed by both diverse opponents from Egyptian mythology and omnipresent traps.

The game takes place in turn-based mode, both when it comes to exploration and battles. The player must take great care when planning their subsequent moves - choosing the wrong tactics may result in enemies surrounding and killing the hero. This death is permanent - when the protagonist says goodbye to life, the only solution is to start the adventure anew. What is interesting, in the game we will not only find no system of hints, but also text written in alphabet - all information, for example statistics of objects, are presented with the help of uncomplicated pictograms.

Technical aspects

Characteristic feature of Hieroglyphik is simple but clear graphic design, realized in style reminiscent of the art of ancient Egypt. A dedicated soundtrack fits the original atmosphere of the adventure.

Last updated on 23 December 2016

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Hieroglyphika: Good for all ages.

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