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League of Legends: Turret Defense (iOS cover
Game Box forLeague of Legends: Turret Defense (iOS)

League of Legends: Turret Defense iOS

League of Legends: Turret Defense is a tower defense strategy developed for the iOS mobile system. The player's task is to construct automatic defensive structures in such a way as to prevent enemies from reaching his base.

Strategy | fantasy | free-to-play | tower defense

League of Legends: Turret Defense Release Date iOS


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Gra League of Legends: Turret Defense na PC przestała działać


developer: Orange Labs publisher: Riot Games Official website

English language game language: English

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Update: In 2010, the game was removed from the App Store by the publisher.

League of Legends: Turret Defense is an iOS-based mobile strategy game from the tower defense genre. The game uses a free to play model with microtransactions and was developed by Orange Labs.


The game is a spin-off to the popular MOBA game League of Legends. The action takes place in the same magical universe of Runeterra, but the gameplay mechanics are different. League of Legends: Turret Defense remains faithful to the fundamental principles of the tower defense genre. The goal is to defend the base against enemy units. The player does this by building various towers on their way. For every killed enemy we receive money, which we then spend on building more towers and improving those already built.

League of Legends: Turret Defense has one element that sets it apart from most classic tower defense games. The maps are not covered with paths which the enemies have to follow. In the game, the boards are in the form of large open fields and that's why the game revolves around the use of defensive structures as a kind of building material used to construct complex mazes, designed to slow down the movement of enemies as much as possible. This gives the turrets more time to stop the opponents before they manage to reach our base.

Technical aspects

The game offers fully two-dimensional visuals inspired by the three-dimensional graphics of League of Legends, so that fans of the franchise can immediately feel at home. An additional attraction for them is the fact that we can encounter heroes from the MOBA game among the enemies attacking our base.

Last updated on 07 September 2016

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions League of Legends: Turret Defense: 12+

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