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Litil Divil (PC cover
Game Box forLitil Divil (PC)

Litil Divil PC

Litil Divil combines arcade elements with some aspects of logic games. The game was created by Gremlin Software and the player assumes the role of Mutt - a devil whose goal is to leave hell and make it to the Earth.


Litil Divil Release Date PC


developer: Gremlin Interactive publisher: Gremlin Interactive

English language game language: English

Produced by Gremlin Graphics, the product Litil Divil is an arcade and logic game that will allow you to play the role of Mutt, the devil residing in Hell. Our hero will face a chance to penetrate a five-level labyrinth, which is the passage between the abyss inhabited by demons and the Earth. At the end of a long road he is waiting.... pizza. Its acquisition is the main goal of the game.

The Litil Divil game consists of two phases - wandering through the labyrinth and solving puzzles. In the first case we observe the devil from the perspective of the third person. We move the hero with the keys of the cursor, walking in front of us or turning into new corridors. A jump is also available - a useful thing for avoiding numerous traps, e.g. holes in the ground. To make it easier, the authors were tempted by a map located in the upper left corner of the screen, which indicates the position of the devil in relation to the visited underground (however, it does not present too much terrain, so the player must show a perfect memory). During your journey, keep a close eye on the amount of blood on the bar at the bottom of the screen. Every time we fall into a trap, we are deprived of some of our vitality. Total loss of energy is equivalent to the end of the struggle (fortunately from time to time you can meet vials with life-giving liquid and food increasing our chances of survival in difficult conditions).

The arduous wandering through the labyrinth will be interrupted by a visit to special chambers where Mutt has to perform a specific task. The difficulty of the puzzles is that the program in no way informs us what to do with the obstacle encountered. So the solutions have to be guessed for themselves. In most cases, overcoming the obstacle requires the possession of suitable items, which we buy in shops scattered all over the labyrinth for gold found here and there. Also in this case Litil Divil does not inform the player what the item is for. Luckily, Mutt himself reaches for the indicated object in a specific chamber - which makes the task much easier.

Litil Divil is a unique production. From the very beginning the player is thrown into deep water and has to find out for himself what it's all about. The manual attached to the program contains enigmatic hints, from which nothing can be deduced - apparently the gentlemen from Gremlin Graphics had a devilish mood while preparing the documentation. The game is always accompanied by a specific humour. It turns out that the devil is not an omnipotent being and is troubled by typically human ailments. Mutt, left to himself, lies down on the cold floor right away and counting rams he tries to fall asleep. A mass of additional animations and a perfectly realized character of the main character are the biggest advantages of the game. Also the musical setting and a large number of samples can be enjoyed. Unfortunately.... There are also drawbacks. The largest of them is the system of recording the state of the game, which will allow you to remember our achievements only in selected chambers. Another drawback is the poorly realized work of the camera in situations when Mutt tries to go back in the already trapped corridor (the player is not able to see any traps). The level of difficulty of the game is also debatable. Due to the fact that the program does not give any hints, the happy overcoming of some problems borders here with a miracle....

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Game mode: single player  

User score: 5,5 / 10 based on 28 votes.

PEGI rating Litil Divil

Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty.
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