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Mecha Break (PC cover
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Mecha Break

A third-person multiplayer action game focusing on mecha arena combat. Mecha Break lets us fight on the ground, in melee and at range, and in the air, transforming our machine into a fighter jet.

Action | TPP | science fiction | Mechs | online | TPS | shooters | battle royale

Mecha Break Release Date



developer: Amazing Seasun publisher: Amazing Seasun

Mecha Break is a multiplayer action game, in which players control powerful mecha. It was developed by Amazing Seasun, the creators of Ballads of Hongye.


Mecha Break is set in a grim future, in which Earth has changed beyond recognition after a coronal mass ejection from the Sun. The event, known as the Catastrophe, has caused numerous natural disasters and affected geology, creating a new mineral - EIC, dangerous and triggering anomalies, yet extremely technologically valuable.

Over time, civilization began to rise from its knees. Humans have created mecha, powerful walking machines, originally intended to be used for civilian purposes, ultimately turned into military Strikers. Moreover, EIC started getting used on an increasingly larger scale; using it, pilots were able to establish a neural connection with their machines and control them via thought alone.

With EIC's influence growing, various factions began to emerge, with their own goals, leading to misunderstandings, and consequently, conflicts. We play as a Striker pilot operating within the Mashmak combat zone.


Mecha Break is a third-person game. The game revolves around arena combat against other players.

There are many different mecha to choose from, differing in terms of appearance, equipment and class. These include melee machines, gunners and long-distance snipers. Despite the machines' impressive size, standing at over 12 meters, they're extremely mobile both when grounded and in the air, as they can transform into fighter jets.

As we progress through the game, we unlock new pilots with unique backstories, as well as various cosmetics, letting us change our mech's appearance to our preferences. Every Striker has over 120 parts which can be painted to our liking, creating unique patterns.

Game modes

Mecha Break only supports multiplayer. Battlefield Mode is a 6v6 battle mode, where two teams compete, work together and complete objectives. Arena mode is a 3v3 battle mode, while Mashmak is a battle royale mode, where 48 players complete missions and try to survive, working solo or in teams. Apart from other players, they must also watch out for EIC-caused pulse storms.

Technical aspects

Mecha Break features colorful, appealing visuals with detailed mecha and spectacular effects during firefights.

Last updated on 15 December 2023

Game mode: multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Age restrictions Mecha Break: 12+

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