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Monster Hunter: Frontier G (WiiU cover
Game Box forMonster Hunter: Frontier G (WiiU)

Monster Hunter: Frontier G

Improved and extended version of the MMO based on the Monster Hunter series, focusing on co-operative fun. The title offers an arcade combat model, hundreds of dangerous monsters, 11 character classes and thousands of weapons, equipment and items useful in skirmishes.

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Monster Hunter: Frontier G Release Date


PC X360







developer: Capcom publisher: Capcom Official website

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Monster Hunter: Frontier G is an arcade MMORPG, which is a side title of the record-breaking Monster Hunter series. This game is an extended and improved version of Monster Hunter: Frontier, which debuted in Japan and Korea on PC in 2007. The game was released on Xbox 360 three years after the PC release. Like its predecessor, it requires a monthly subscription fee. Capcom has made many smaller and bigger changes, but the most important news for fans should be 150 new weapons and armor, new companions and materials, 30 special skills for characters and 10 powerful creatures that even veterans of the game have to make an effort to defeat.


In Monster Hunter: Frontier G, players participate in hunting for various monsters, among which we will find many species and genres known from the main series. When we start the game, we create a new hero and choose one of 11 character classes. Each uses a different tactic and type of weapon. These can be e.g. bows, hammers, swords or even firearms. Other players with whom we can form alliances and create specialized guilds will help us survive and defeat the monsters. Our team can consist of up to four people.

Unlike many RPGs, the title is rooted in a fast, action-oriented combat system that requires dexterity and speed rather than high levels or statistics. We strengthen the attack power of the heroes and their defense by using new armor and better weapons. We obtain the equipment by crafting it from the skins or claws of the defeated monsters, as well as using collected minerals and other materials, which can be found in many locations.

Technical aspects

The production has a fully three-dimensional graphics, which at first glance reveals its age. The developers have not changed or significantly increased the performance of the engine they have been using since the original Monster Hunter: Frontier from 2007. Although the game has blurred textures and not very good 3D models, it offers an interesting graphics style and designs of opponents and equipment.

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Age restrictions Monster Hunter: Frontier G: 12+

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