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Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic (Switch cover
Game Box forMoto Rider GO: Highway Traffic (Switch)

Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic

Endless runner production, in which the player takes on the role of a motorcyclist - his main task is to drive on the selected bike as long as possible. Production offers special challenges and network scoreboards where you can boast of your achievements.

Racing | motorbike | arcade elements | Polish | auto-runner

Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic Release Date









developer: T-Bull publisher: T-Bull Official website

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Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic is a game developed by T-Bull, a team specializing in the creation of low and medium-budget titles intended primarily for mobile devices. Unlike most of the team's other works, the title described here appeared not only on smartphones and tablets but also on PC - regardless of the platform, it is distributed in a free-to-play model.


Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic represents a genre of so-called endless runners. The players ride one of the three motorcycles and drive forward, trying to cover as much distance as possible while avoiding other road users. In return for further successes, they earn money to buy modifications to their bikes - they improve their maximum speed and shorten their braking distance. Moreover, there is nothing to prevent them from getting extra lives, thanks to which they can continue driving after a crash. All this is complemented by the possibility of adjusting the appearance of a two-wheeled steed to individual preferences by changing the color or various decals.

The game gives us access to the popular "racer", chopper and tourist motorcycle - it is at their helm that we travel across roads on the suburbs, in the center of the desert, in areas covered with a thick layer of snow, or finally in a metropolis illuminated by the glow of neon lights and lanterns. Individual machines have been differentiated not only in terms of handling but also strengths and weaknesses - while one can boast more lives available at the start, by riding another we will get special point bonuses, awarded after accelerating to maximum speed.

In addition to the standard competition, in which our task is to drive as far as possible, a number of challenges await completion, and we can boast of our achievements on the online leaderboards. It is worth noting, that in order to beat one of the records, the player has to take risks, overtaking cars by a hair's breadth, or rushing straight to the vehicle going from the opposite direction and avoiding a collision at the last moment.

Technical aspects

Three-dimensional visuals of Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic present an average level of workmanship, although the strengths of the visuals are the detailed models of motorcycles.

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic: Good for all ages.

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