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Negligee: Love Stories (PC cover
Game Box forNegligee: Love Stories (PC)

Negligee: Love Stories PC

The second installment of the erotic visual novel series, created by the independent British studio Dharker. Negligee: Love Stories consists of four main scenarios, each of which offers completely different characters and several endings.

Adventure | 2D | visual novel | erotic games

Negligee: Love Stories Release Date PC


developer: Dharker Studio publisher: Dharker Studio Official website

English language game language: English

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Negligee: Love Stories is a classic two-dimensional visual novel adventure game. It was developed by an independent British studio Dharker. The developer has specialized in creating low-budget erotic visual novels that hit PCs and the Steam platform. Negligee: Love Stories is the second installment of the Negligee series. Its first part was published in 2016. The authors financed the production of the sequel by raising money at Kickstarter. The game has marked itself in the history of the Steam service, because in September 2018 it was the first game to be released for sale with fully uncensored sex scenes.


Story in Negligee: Love Stories is divided into four parts. Every part introduces a completely new protagonist and a story with several different endings that contains a gallery of all heroes. In the first scenario you play as Karen, who feels trapped in a completely unsuccessful and toxic marriage. She finds consolation, however, in the arms of a friend he met recently. In the second part you meet Jasmin, who works as a stripper and model. When she decides to give up such risky job, she gets an extraordinarily lucrative offer from her boss, which seems too good to be true. In the third story you get to know Charlotte, an eighteen-year-old entering adulthood. Faced with various problems, she slowly realizes about the hot feelings she feels towards her closest friend. In the last screenplay you follow the fate of Sophie, a carefree young woman who always follows her own path and does not have any restraints against love affairs with men and women. However, her imprudent decisions can turn against her at any time.


Negligee: Love Stories is a standard visual novel adventure game. This means that most of the time you only read the text displayed on the screen, accompanied by portraits of characters on two-dimensional backgrounds. From time to time, however, you make decisions that influence the course of the story. The title also offers a gallery of unlocked illustrations and scenes.

Technical aspects

Negligee: Love Stories has borrowed its distinctive graphics style from Japanese visual novel productions. The dialogues in the game did not receive acting dubbing and during the game we are accompanied only by music.

It is worth noting that Negligee: Love Stories and erotic games similar to this title will not be seen on the Steam until we deactivate the filter "content in the form of hard pornography, intended only for adults", which remains on by default.

Game mode: single player  

User score: 1,1 / 10 based on 72 votes.

Age restrictions Negligee: Love Stories: 18+

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