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Game Box for Ontamarama (NDS)

Ontamarama NDS

A game about music, in which our task is to choose the right souls so that they can make the right sounds. Twelve different levels await players.

Party | music | Nintendo exclusive titles

Nintendo DS
Ontamarama cover

developer: Atlus

publisher: Atlus

Game mode: single / multiplayer

English language game language: English

game release date for NDS:


Ontamarama is a game with thematic music, to a large extent referring to the cult Guitar Hero series. In this case, however, we are dealing with a product that uses all the advantages of the Nintendo DS console. We are talking about three things - playing on two screens and using the style and built-in microphone. The described product to some extent also refers to such dexterity games as Elite Beat Agents or Jam Sessions. The development studio Noise Factory in Japan is responsible for the preparation of Ontamarama, which also developed, among others, King of Fighters: Maximum Impact - Maniax.

What is interesting, the described production is endowed with a full-fledged plot, naturally presented in a rather humorous way. The game takes place on a tropical island inhabited by funny ghosts called Ontama. These beings are able to extract specific sounds from each other. The main concern we have to deal with is the evil demon who has succeeded in taking control of some souls. During the game we command one of two different characters. These are Beat and Rest. These spirits must challenge the musical duels of beings in the possession of the demon.

The single player campaign consists of twelve levels and an extensive tutorial. In addition, each stage can be played on three different difficulty levels. The player's task is to click (using the touch screen) on the different coloured souls on the screen, so that they emit the correct sounds. In addition, after clicking on each of the souls we have to press the appropriate direction button. In each of the twelve levels we are dealing with different music pieces, mostly representing the pop genre. It should also come as no surprise that in subsequent stages more and more difficult songs appear, requiring a better sense of rhythm and giving less time to introduce the right combination.

The other modes of play are also worth mentioning about individual challenges. Points earned here allow you to unlock bonus materials, including new songs. The player can also re-enter already completed levels so as to improve their final score. Visually Ontamarama does not dazzle. However, the very clear interface deserves attention, so you can focus on choosing the right souls and pressing specific buttons.

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