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Game Box for PlanetSide Arena (PC)

PlanetSide Arena

PlanetSide Arena is the next installment of a series of chain shooters offering futuristic skirmishes on a large scale. The game contains several variants of the game, and in one of them half a thousand players can compete on the map.

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PlanetSide Arena cover

Official website

Game mode: multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet, players: max 300

game release date:

Development of the game PlanetSide Arena have been suspended and will not be continued.


PlanetSide Arena is an FPS focused on large-scale multiplayer battles. The game is a spin-off of thePlanetSide MMOFPS series. The game was developed by Daybreak Game Company, which is known for DC Universe Online, Z1 Battle Royale and the EverQuest series.


The game takes place in the same universe as earlier installments of PlanetSide. We are therefore taken into distant future. The action takes place on an alien planet, on which several factions fight for control. The production is geared solely towards multiplayer battles and has no single player campaign, and the plot plays no significant role here.


Unlike previous installments of the series, PlanetSide Arena is not an MMOFPS game. Instead, we receive a classic first-person multiplayer shooter, in which the battle takes several dozen minutes or a few hours at most rather than a few weeks.

Nevertheless, the devs have remained true to the tradition of the series and have offered a vast 8x8 km map that allows for large-scale skirmishes. When starting the game, we choose between three character classes with different active and passive skills. All heroes are equipped with a jetpack and can call up their own transport vehicle at any time. There are also tanks and other combat machines.

The fight takes place at a relatively slow pace; the presence of energy shields means that it takes more time to eliminate the opponent than in most FPS games. Another unusual element is the placement of all objects on elevations. Thanks to that we don't spend the initial phases of the matche looking under our feet and we have a better chance to see our opponents on the horizon.

Game modes

The production offers several gameplay variants. In Massive Clash there are two teams, 250 people each. There is also a classic battle royale, with 100 lone wolves, and a team variant, where 102 soldiers are divided into three-man units. More classic modes such as Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy are planned to be added.

Age Rating

age requirements: 16+

System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

Recommended: Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2 GHz, 16 GB RAM, graphic card 3 GB GeForce GTX 1060 or better, 20 GB HDD, Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64-bit
Minimum: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3 GHz, 8 GB RAM, graphic card 1 GB GeForce GTX 560 or better, 20 GB HDD, Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64-bit

PlanetSide Arena Launches in Steam Early Access
PlanetSide Arena Launches in Steam Early Access

news 21 September 2019 20:20

Daybreak Game Company has released PlanetSide Arena as part of Steam early access program. You can checj the team's futuristic shooter with large-scale battles for free.

PlanetSide 3 Announced and Much Bigger Than Prequel
PlanetSide 3 Announced and Much Bigger Than Prequel

news 21 October 2019 10:55

Daybreak Game Company has revealed its plans for the future. These include PlanetSide 3, in which we will fight a galactic war, as well as further development of PlanetSide Arena and PlanetSide 2.

End of PlanetSide Arena - Devs Announce Server Shutdown
End of PlanetSide Arena - Devs Announce Server Shutdown

news 15 December 2019 20:44

Daybreak Game Company has informed about the planned shutdown of PlanetSide Arena servers. The spin-off of a series of futuristic shooters will do dark after just four months in early access.

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