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PlayStation Aim
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Action 17 May 2017

An first-person shooter game by American Studio Impulse Gear. The game requires the PlayStation VR headgear and utilizes the PlayStation Move motion controllers, as well as a simplified rifle called PlayStation VR Aim Controller. The game is set in the far future, in which interplanetary flights are a part of daily life. The ship carrying the protagonist crashes on an alien world. It quickly turns out that the planet is inhabited by hostile creatures resembling giant insects. The protagonist has to fight for survival. Farpoint focuses on exploring your surroundings and fighting the encountered enemies. You use the rifle not only to eliminate your foes, but also to scan the nearby areas. Compared to other FPS games, the gameplay is quite slow. The game features high-quality 3D visuals.

Bravo Team
Bravo Team

Action 06 March 2018

A first-person shooter developed by Supermassive Games. The title was created for the PlayStation VR set. The plot of Bravo Team takes place in a fictional East European country. The player assumes the role of a member of the titular military squad and is tasked with escorting the president. When the situation becomes dire and a coup starts, the protagonist and his companion are tasked with saving the country. The action is presented by using a first-person perspective and the gameplay focuses on battles against numerous enemies in vivid, urban areas. During the battles the player uses mostly a machine gun and hides behind covers. The title features a simple tactical aspect: the player must coordinate his actions with his companion and, for example, use suppressive fire to cover his friend.

Firewall: Zero Hour
Firewall: Zero Hour

Action 28 August 2018

A tactical shooter developed for PlayStation VR headset and online battles. Firewall: Zero Hour features skirmished between two teams of four players, who must cooperate in order to defend or capture laptops with a classified data.

ROM: Extraction
ROM: Extraction

Action 07 December 2016

A first-person shooter set in a science fiction world, developed by First Contact Entertainment studio for VR devices. The story of ROM: Extraction takes place in 2076, with the player taking control of a member of Orb Extraction Unit. Their objective is to guard aliensí eggs while they are being escorted to Earth. Gameplay focuses on fast-paced battles against aliens, during which players must survive for several minutes and fend off incoming waves of enemies. Players canít move their character, only look around, but they can use their suit with its many gadgets, like a module that slows down time or a high-power energy pistol.