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Game Box for Premier Manager 2005-2006 (PS2)

Premier Manager 2005-2006

Premier Manager 2005-2006 is another part of football manager, whose production and release is the responsibility of Zoo Digital studio. This title gives you total control over the football team of your choice.

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Premier Manager 2005-2006 cover

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Game mode: single player

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As the definitive take on football management, Premier Manager 2005-2006 invites you to take control of your favourite club’s destiny. Whether brokering multi-million pound transfers, negotiating TV rights, dealing with player tantrums or squeezing the chairman for cash, one thing is certain. The club’s future is in your hands.

You may be calling up fixtures, news and medical reports in preparation for the next match, whilst consulting with the scout and junior team coach, all before holding a press conference on the latest antics of the star midfielder and heading off to the big Saturday afternoon match. It’s all in a hard day’s work, but success is ultimately measured by results. Will it be silverware or P45 this season?


A superior logic system gives a faster logical and graphical update, giving you get a more realistic football management experience

Intuitive interface and messaging system; intelligent information filters help present the stats you need quickly and clearly

Get closer to the action with ‘Ball Cam’ – switch tactics and formations with a single button press

Play through 14 divisions across England, Scotland, France, Spain, Germany and Italy - compete in 12 cups and pick from nearly 10,000 players.

Training and scouting players, negotiating transfers and dealing with the press – you’ll be in total control


The general game AI has been vastly improved to give a more realistic match experience, featuring a raft of new ‘plays’ and the undertaking of comprehensive testing to further develop opponent logic routines and ensure that no one tactic ends up being superior to all others.

2D Matches

While retaining its 2D match engine, Premier Manager 2005-2006 features two camera options: a wide-angle traditional view of the entire pitch and a ‘Ball Cam’ view which focuses on the area immediately around the ball. This close up view will enable you to clearly see the effect your tactics are having and follow the action more easily.


Premier Manager 2005-2006 introduces an enhanced positioning system giving an improved range of tactical options


The new ‘Home Screen’ incorporates a data window with relevant performance stats in the top half and a context sensitive tasks window in the bottom half. You can easily see how well you are doing and which tasks need to be completed before the game can continue. Premier Manger 2005-2006 features more quick messages that guide you through the game – calling for meetings only on the most important game occasions


Playing Premier Manager 2005-2006 is like interacting with a football news programme; it doesn’t clutter the screen with needless detail. Using optimised intelligent information filters to display the required information quickly and clearly and great graphics to create a fantastic football atmosphere.

Meeting System

Premier Manager 2005-2006 features a refined meeting system to make it even more relevant to your gaming experience. Meetings are only called for the vital club decisions that require more interaction from the player than afforded by the quick messaging system. Negotiations over transfers and contracts flow back and forth quickly and intuitively, generating a lot of tension and suspense in the process.

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