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Pursuit Force (PS5 cover
Game Box forPursuit Force (PS5)

Pursuit Force

A dynamic action game in which we take part in the title chases. There are several dozen different vehicles to choose from, and the rich arsenal of weapons is also worthy of attention. The visual setting of the game stands at a very high level.

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The game follows the adventures of a rookie Police Officer working for Pursuit Force - an elite, vehicle-based crime fighting force chasing down criminal gangs across an entire fictional US state.

Playing a young, cocky, street-wise cop, the player is tasked with bringing to justice five of the Capital City's most infamous gangs, including 'The Killer 66', a deadly gang of far eastern origin - perhaps the greatest threat to the security of the entire state.

Assisted by the old-school, short-tempered Chief who likes to play by the book, players find themselves immersed in an adrenaline fuelled, high speed chase across 400km of city streets, freeways and off-road tracks, in their battle to outsmart the bad guys and rid the state of crime.

Engage in deadly gun battles whilst chasing the criminals at top speed. Powerslide round corners, drive the wrong way through traffic and push your vehicle to the max as you riddle the enemies' customised cars with bullets.

If your ride is heavily damaged by gunfire or ramming, it's time leap through the air to enemy or civilian vehicles including cars, bikes, SUV's and off-roaders. Hang onto the bonnet and shoot the enemy as they try their best to swerve and blast you off. Finally take over their vehicle and carry on the pursuit.

Pursuit Force features more than 30 heavy action cases to crack, set across five distinctly unique districts, with their own hazards and dangers. The player must exploit the unique ability to leap between a variety of different vehicles whilst racing at breakneck speeds of over 150mph.

Prepare to engage in intense combat with gang members whilst hanging onto moving vehicles, dodge bullets and defy the natural forces of gravity to avoid being thrown off whilst on the move – all in the Pursuit of Justice!

Last updated on 10 May 2023

Game mode: single player  

PEGI rating Pursuit Force

Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty. Game contains bad language. Game contains depictions of violence.

Pursuit Force System requirements

PlayStation Portable

PlayStation Portable

  • Uses:
  • memory card
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