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Radirgy Swag (Switch cover
Game Box forRadirgy Swag (Switch)

Radirgy Swag Switch

A classic vertical shoot 'em up. In Radirgy Swag we control a small flying ship, destroying hundreds of enemies and collecting many types of power-ups. One of the unique features of the title is a system of dynamic missions.

Action | science fiction | humorous | shoot 'em up | 2.5 D

Radirgy Swag Release Date Switch


developer: RS34 publisher: Dispatch Games Official website

English language game language: English

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Radirgy Swag is a classic vertical shoot 'em up in which we control a small flying ship breaking through enemy troops. The game was developed by the Japanese studio RS34. The title is the next installment of the Radirgy series, developed since 2004. The titles appeared on Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Wii, 3DS, as well as arcade machines. None of them, however, officially left Japan.


We play as Tadayo Aita, who was forced to live at an abandoned railway station in Shinjuku, Tokyo after she dropped out of high school. She makes money by cleaning up the streets on a daily basis. One day, one of her colleagues asks her for an extraordinary favor: Tadayo has to replace her and sit at the helm of a flying ship, and then follow the instructions of her boss. Tadayo must not only set course for the moon as soon as possible but also defeat some opponents trying to stop her and collect packages indicated by the company.


Radirgy Swag is a typical vertical shoot 'em up. Controlled by the player, the ship occupies the lower part of the screen and moves forward, cutting through waves of enemies coming from above. In addition to the standard bullets, it is also equipped with a sword, which is the most effective weapon against enemies, but its disadvantage is its short range. On the left side of the screen, we have Orders panel. At the same time, there are always ten of these optional tasks active, the completion of which results not only in point bonuses but also in an increase in the power of all weapons. The game features a total of 200 dynamic missions.

During the game, there are also eight different power-ups on the board, e.g. shields or speed boosts. The key to victory and the best score is not only the number of destroyed opponents but also the time needed to complete each level.

Technical aspects

Radirgy Swag features simple three-dimensional visuals adopting an eye-catching, colorful and comic book-like style.

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Radirgy Swag: 12+

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