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Reborn (PSV cover
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A third person action-RPG created by Elemental-Labs - an independent developer. Reborn is set in an alternative, cyberpunk vision of 2188's Japan. The protagonist is called Musashi Miyamoto, and he is a futuristic equivalent of a ronin.

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Reborn for PS4, PC and etc. is an action-RPG developed by Elemental-Labs – an independent studio headquartered in Anaheim, California.


Reborn for PS4, PC and etc. is set in a cyberpunk alternative to Japan, the futuristic Neo-Tokyo to be precise, and the year is 2188. Musashi Miyamoto is the protagonist here (a legendary Japanese swordsman) – the creators decided to incarnate this historical character in a modernized and young figure. The story focuses on the Nexus Roku cybernetic corporation, which is in charge of the entire Japan. It is ruled by Rena Nakano, who has tried to set Sojobo free - a powerful demon and once a human warrior who lost his humanity after having murdered his own master. The in-game cyberpunk reality is filled with darkness, social inequality and ruthless criminal cartels fighting over the areas of influence. Furthermore, cybernetic implants spreading wider make it harder to make distinctions between human beings and machines.


The story-based campaign was divided into missions, thus the plot is rather linear. Nonetheless, many different aspects are player-dependant here. This refers mainly to the character development system based on experience levels and points, as well as to the increasingly advanced cyber-implants the protagonist gains access to as the player progresses. What is also important is the equipment dropped by the beaten enemies, for the player is capable of collecting it.

Significantly, in Reborn for PS4, PC and etc., the player is given a large amount of freedom in terms of approaching the enemies inhabiting the virtual locations in great numbers. The player can fight their enemies in open combat, but they can sneak past them unnoticed or run trying to lose them as well. Combat is fast-paced and spectacular here, which resembles the mechanics present in the Ninja Gaiden or God of War series in a way. The player can make use of swords, but they can also fight with bare fists. Interestingly, the game evaluates the player's approach to combat, taking into account how many of the opponents the player kills – rewarding points representing one of the three attitudes on the basis of this. These have their influence on the way particular NPCs approach the protagonist.

Technical aspects

The game utilizes the Unreal Engine technology, offering the highest quality visuals.

Game modes

Up to four players can meet in a multiplayer session, cooperating to achieve goals in the story mode together (two players at maximum via local area network, three or four on-line).

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet   Player counter: 1-4  

Expectations: 9.7 / 10 based on 358 votes.

Age restrictions Reborn: 16+

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