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Riddled Corpses EX (PS5 cover
Game Box forRiddled Corpses EX (PS5)

Riddled Corpses EX

Twin-stick shooter, in which we play the role of one of the daredevils facing monsters in the streets. Playing with Riddled Corpses is about traversing the location and eliminating everything that stands in our way.

Action | zombie | Isometric view | 2D | for 2 people | indie games | co-op | shooters | splitscreen

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developer: COWCAT publisher: COWCAT Official website

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Riddled Corpses is a twin-stick shooter developed by independent developer Daniel Fernandez Chavez. The game made its launch on PC, and after three years it got a console port titled Riddled Corpses EX, developed and published by Cowcat.


In Riddled Corpses the story layer does not play a particularly important role. The player takes on the role of one of the six daredevils who face various creatures roaming the streets. In order to deal with the threat once and for all, the heroes have to reach its source.


In Riddled Corpses the action is shown drom isometric view. In the course of the game, we deal with completing subsequent levels and eliminating waves of enemies; in the course of the game we are interfered by a number of enemies, who appear both bulk quantities, as well as in the form of oversized bosses with greater resistance to damage and attack strength. Our daredevils have firearms and infinite ammunition (so they can push ahead without taking their fingers off the trigger), as well as unique combat skills; all this is complemented by temporary power-ups. Apart from that, in the course of the game, we gain gold, which we can spend both on purchasing new skills and on unlocking new heroes.

Game modes

Riddled Corpses can be played either solo or with a second player in the local co-op mode (which is missing only in the PlayStation Vita version). People who would like to play solo can try their hand in the Story, Arcade or Survival mode (where they have to stay alive for as long as possible); besides, they can boast of their achievements on online leaderboards.

Technical aspects

Two-dimensional visuals of Riddled Corpses adopt the pixel-art technique, reminiscent of a game from the 8- and 16-bit era. The retro style is also complemented by a dynamic, chiptune soundtrack.


In the console version of the game, the devs introduced a number of improvements aimed at increasing playability. First of all, they improved the AI of opponents, the combo system, and reduced the grind. In addition, interactive elements, such as exploding barrels were placed on individual maps and changes were introduced in the structure of individual game modes - the story mode was enriched with cutscenes, while the arcade variant was expanded with additional levels. In addition, the game runs on consoles in sixty frames per second.

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode:   Player counter: 1-2  

PEGI rating Riddled Corpses EX

Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty. Game contains depictions of violence.
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