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Game Box for Rune Factory: Frontier (Wii)

Rune Factory: Frontier Wii

A game about the adventures of a young boy who has to take care of the farm and at the same time can take part in a great adventure. The title offers a lot of freedom of action.

RPG | fantasy | farm | life Simulator | classic RPG | Nintendo exclusive titles

Nintendo Wii
Rune Factory: Frontier cover

developer: Neverland

publisher: Rising Star Games

Official website

Game mode: single player

English language game language: English

game release date for Wii:


Rune Factory: Frontier is an interesting game which is a kind of simulator of life in the countryside containing many elements of RPG. The title was created by Neverland studio, responsible for Harvest Moon and Rune Factory in versions for portable DS console. The publishers of the work are: Marvelous Entertainment (Japan and the United States) and Rising Star Games (Europe).

The title takes us to the peaceful but very unusual village of Trampoli. It is here that the main character of the game arrives - a young boy Raguna - looking for his lost friend. He manages to find it, but faces new challenges. The city of Tramploli, lying in the shadow of an unusual flying whale island and inhabited by mysterious spirits called Runeys, becomes the new home of a boy who has to learn to exist in it.

The authors opted for complete freedom with regard to possible ways of development. In the role of the main character we can take care of farming and running a farm, become a blacksmith or a craftsman, cook, visit the city, go to the mentioned flying island or just look for adventures in the dangerous undergrounds. Over time, the village itself also develops, where new characters appear. While playing, we have to face a certain danger that threatens the whole idyllic area.

Interaction with other characters is an important aspect of the game. Thanks to numerous contacts we can make friends or even fall in love and marry a given virtual person. The creators have created many different side characters - each of them has its own character and preferences. Apart from social life, we have to take care of the farm. The game uses a simulation resembling a real ecosystem - we manually prepare the field, plant various plants, water them and harvest the crops, and then sell them in the city. In addition, the Runeys ghosts mentioned above speed up the growth of the various crops and increase their quality.

Naturally, we get a lot of areas to visit that are not related to the farm, including first of all the underground, full of monsters and rare objects that can be useful on the land. Interestingly, many types of opponents can be tamed and brought up, thus gaining an ally who can help both in fighting and in running a farm. In the village of Trampoli you can visit shops, tavern, blacksmith, library and many other facilities. The island floating in the air also plays a key role. We can get to it by taking care of a very interesting plant.

The whole was developed in a very pleasant and colorful setting. The game is operated using the Wii Remote controller, so the control is very intuitive. We have to do all these things ourselves - dig the soil, plant plants, water them, and so on. The fun is enhanced by very pleasant and subdued music.

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