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Game Box for Saboteur (Switch)

Saboteur Switch

A special edition of 1985's Saboteur - an iconic action game with stealth elements, in which players assume the role of a ninja trying to sneak into the enemy warehouse and still an important disc within a limited amount of time.

Action | Stealth | platform | 2D | ninja | reeditions/remasters/remakes

Nintendo Switch
Saboteur cover

developer: SimFabric

publisher : SimFabric

Official website

Game mode: single player

game language: English

game release date for Switch:


Saboteur for Nintendo Switch is a special version of an iconic action game with stealth elements developed in 1985 by Clive Townsend for ZX Spectrum. The game described herein was created by SimFabric.


In Saboteur, players assume the role of a ninja tasked with sneaking into a warehouse and stealing a disc hiding the information on all leaders of the rebellion, before it falls into wrong hands (this would end tragically for people, whose names are stored on the disc). Only after completing this, the main protagonist can escape onboard a chopper.


In Saboteur, players observe the action from the side perspective. During the game, one visits numerous locations (apart from the aforementioned warehouse, you get to explore the underground tunnels and even a secret base) and eliminates opponents using shrunken and improvised weapons, such as bricks. When eliminating the enemies one should be aware that they engage in melee combat but also use firearms; they are often accompanied by dogs and automatic turrets. Moreover, the in-game locations are filled with security systems that one has to neutralize or avoid.

What is worth mentioning, ninja saboteur has a limited amount of energy after you deplete it, the game end immediately. The same happens when the time for completing the mission runs out. Before starting the game, however, you can select the difficulty level that affects a number of opponents and the aforementioned security systems as well as the time limit within which you have to complete the game.

Technical aspects

In terms of its visuals, Saboteur does not deviate from its iconic original the game, however, was adjusted to support the panoramic resolution.

Age Rating

age requirements: everyone

System requirements