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Game Box for Scraper: First Strike (PC)

Scraper: First Strike

A science fiction shooter in which we control a hovercraft and fight robots controlled by a sinister AI. The production was prepared for virtual reality goggles. It was created by an independent Labrodex studio.

Action | FPP | science fiction | robots | Oculus Rift | PlayStation VR | HTC Vive | virtual reality

Scraper: First Strike cover

developer: Labrodex

publisher: Labrodex

Official website

Game mode: single player

game release date:





Scraper: First Strike is a three-dimensional shooter with RPG elements, in which we control an armed futuristic hovercraft. The title is inspired by Elite Dangerous and Star Wars Galaxies and is the first episode of the five-part series. The production is embedded in the science fiction universe and was developed with virtual reality technology in mind (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality and PlayStation VR goggles). An independent Labrodex studio is responsible for the production and release of the game and it is the debut project of these developers.


Action in Scraper: First Strike takes place in New Austin, a powerful metropolis that in the past was the only refuge for mankind in a dangerous wasteland. Unfortunately, the artificial intelligence controlling the city rebelled and the automated services turned against the people. The player takes on the role of Casey Maxwell, a pilot of a modified hovercraft and a member of the Human Resistance Force (HRF), who is on a mission to rebound one of the reactors.


Scraper: First Strike is a first person shooter in which we control a powerful hovercraft (MHP or Modified Hover Pod). Walking through the streets of the dystopian city of the future, we destroy new enemies with a variety of weapons and special abilities. It is worth noting that opponents are quite diverse - different types of robots are resistant to different types of weapons and attacks, so we have to adjust our tactics accordingly.

As the game progresses, we also develop our vehicle - by changing our shields we improve our defense, by strengthening our engines we can move faster, and by investing in the core we can improve our special abilities. What is important, the development of individual parts requires obtaining the schemes and parts - the first one can be found in special terminals scattered around the game world, while the second one remains after the defeated enemies (although you can also buy them in the store).

The game also offers a modification system that allows you to even more accurately adjust the hovercraft to your needs - each piece of equipment has special holes in which we put the prepared modules - so that weapons of the same type can significantly differ from each other.

Game modes

In Scraper: First Strike we can only play alone. The gameplay is based on a feature campaign.

Technical aspects

Scraper: First Strike has a three-dimensional graphic design based on the Unreal Engine 4 engine and is quite decent. Designed in quite classic science fiction style, the game environment is detailed. The models of opponents and vehicles also present themselves in a solid way. Thanks to the use of virtual reality technology, the creators have reached a level of immersion unattainable for traditional games.

The computer version of this production cooperates with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality goggles. The dedicated release of PlayStation 4 supports PSVR helmets as well as optional PlayStation Aim and 3dRudder controllers.

Age Rating

age requirements: 12+

System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

Minimum: Intel Core i5-4590 3.3 GHz / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X 3.5 GHz, 16 GB RAM, graphic card 4 GB GeForce GTX 970 / Radeon R9 290 or better, Windows 10

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