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SimplePlanes (AND cover
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A simulator in which the player can create a variety of vehicles - from title planes, helicopters, tanks and racing cars to mosses.

Simulation | tanks | planes | Mechs and Robots | ships | machines and equipment | indie games

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developer: Jundroo publisher: Jundroo Official website

SimplePlanes is a simulator that enables the player to take on the role of a constructor of various machines. The game was developed by the independent studio Jundroo, whose portfolio includes similar SimpleRockets.


Key element of SimplePlanes is an extensive editor that enables us to design and build aircraft - from those that reigned over the battlefields of the Second World War, through modern fighters, to futuristic and not necessarily working prototypes. Contrary to what the title suggests, it doesn't stop there, as the game also enables the creation of helicopters, racing vehicles, tanks and even giant mechs. Individual machines consist of elements whose appearance, shape and dimensions can be adjusted to individual preferences; they are complemented by optional gadgets such as rocket launchers and rotary guns, or even parachutes to make landing easier.

We can share our works with the community focused around the game. However, before we decide to do so, it is worth testing them. This is because the game uses a physics engine, which constantly calculates the Gs to which our machines are subjected; a virgin flight or ride often ends tragically for an underdeveloped projects - for example, a hard landing or a spectacular crash.

Game modes

For the aforementioned tests it is best to use the sandbox mode, in which no targets are set before us. The situation is different in the case of the special challenges prepared by developers, in which we race against our opponents, fight in aerial battles, escort heavy bombers, try to land the machine on an aircraft carrier or take part in time trials. Beginners can learn the basics of constructing machines in a specially prepared tutorial.

Technical aspects

The creators of SimplePlanes enable the players to create mods, thanks to which the game's official website contains hundreds of thousands of projects ready to use on any platform on which the game has been released. Interestingly, the title also enables us to export our works to a format that is suppported by 3D printers.

Last updated on 10 April 2018

Game mode: single player  

App size:

Age restrictions SimplePlanes: Good for all ages.

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