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Strikefleet Omega (iOS cover
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Strikefleet Omega

Strikefleet Omega is a space strategy in which players command a fleet of star ships in real time during the game.

Strategy | science fiction | RTS | Space

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Strikefleet Omega is an Android-based space battle strategy. The production uses a free model with micropayments and was developed by Harebrained Schemes studio.


The action of Strikefleet Omega takes place in the distant future when mankind has mastered technologies allowing for easy space travels. The campaign starts quite pessimistic - with the destruction of the Earth by a race of giant alien insects. However, the appetite of the Queen of the Swarm wasn't satisfied and she had already started preparing for the extermination of the remaining human colonies. We play as an admiral of the titular Omega Fleet, who must take on the almost impossible task of reaching the Queen and ending her life.


Strikefleet Omega is a cosmic battle strategy. During the campaign, we jump from system to system in search of the Queen and crystals. The latter is extremely important - this resource that we can open the hyperspace gates for our reinforcements.

The battles take place in real time and during them, we are guided mainly by small and maneuverable fighters. We create routes for them by moving a finger on the screen. The units automatically attack any enemy that is within their range. We must balance our needs - on one hand, we have to exterminate the enemies, but, at the same time, we must ensure the safety of cruisers and a mining vessel. Initially, this doesn't cause many problems, but the number of enemies attacking us in each location is growing fast. After some time, we will have to deal with swarms of aliens.

The developers keep the game fresh by regularly introducing new elements, especially additional ships. With time, we gain access to larger units, some of which allow for manual firing mode.

Last updated on 14 August 2015

Game mode: single player  

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Age restrictions Strikefleet Omega: 12+

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