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Sudden Crisis (PC cover
Game Box forSudden Crisis (PC)

Sudden Crisis PC

Seldon Crisis

Set in the realm of science fiction, sandbox MMO strategy, loosely inspired by the work of Isaac Asimov (Foundation cycle). The game takes place in an open world, fully shaped by the actions of the players, and our task is to create a powerful star empire.

Strategy | science fiction | 4 x | PvP | sandbox | Space | RPG elements | MMO

Sudden Crisis Release Date PC


developer: Chaos Interactive Official website

English language game language: English

Sudden Crisis is a science-fiction-based sandbox MMO strategy, loosely inspired by the work of Isaac Asimov. The original title of the game was Seldon Crisis (from the name of a fictitious socio-cultural phenomenon, described in the Foundation cycle), but it was changed at the production stage. Chaos Interactive, an independent development studio, is responsible for the development of the game.

The action of the title takes place in a huge, open world, fully shaped by the actions of the players. We start the game with only a modest fleet of fighters and a small supply of cash, and our task is to systematically develop our sphere of influence and pave the way for wealth. The way to achieve this depends solely on our own preferences - so we can bet on economic power, diplomacy, espionage or military power. Depending on our actions, we will create a powerful empire or lead to another crisis.

The mechanics of the game resembles the cult EVE Online, and the whole cosmic infrastructure and economic and political relations prevailing in the game world are in the hands of the players. At the same time, there is no single way to the target, and the mode of operation can be completely non-linear. In the course of the game we explore vast, procedurally generated areas of space, with a whole mass of systems, planets, moons or asteroids to explore and colonize. A huge number of different exploratory, combat, escort or courier missions await execution. We also gain experience and necessary cash by trading in various raw materials, tracking star pirates and fighting with other players in extended PvP mode.

In the game world we will meet four main factions, as well as a large number of smaller ones - hostile, friendly or neutral towards us. Each of them has hundreds of lucrative tasks to offer, thanks to which we can gain cash and experience. Noteworthy is the hybrid development system, which, in addition to typical player levels, offers hundreds of useful skills that we learn while playing. The game also allows for full modification of our fleet of ships, which can be equipped with any, selected from thousands of elements modules, weapons and additional equipment. This allows you to diversify your ships in terms of size, speed, attack power or payload and adjust them to the type of tasks you perform.

In terms of luminaire Sudden Crisis stands at a high level, making use of the Hero Engine, used, among others, in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The game is distributed in a free model with micropayments, but what is worth emphasizing - they are only cosmetic and do not allow to achieve a significant advantage over the competition. In addition, the creators put a lot of emphasis on the integration with the community of players, giving them into the hands of moderation tools, allowing them to shape the game world.

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Game mode: massive online multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Age restrictions Sudden Crisis: Good for all ages.

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