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Game Box for Tales of Eternia (PSP)

Tales of Eternia

Tales of Eternia is a typical jRPG from the best-selling series, which dates back to 1995. The player controls a team of up to seven heroes and the fight takes place in real time.

RPG | fantasy | science fiction | 2D | jRPG

Tales of Eternia cover

publisher: Ubisoft

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Game mode: single player

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Tales of Eternia is a typical jRPG, which belongs to a bestselling franchise originating from 1995. This game was released on the first generation console PlayStation in 2000. Since 2005, PSP owners can enjoy the game as well, now in 16:9 format and without having to wait for each new location to load. This fantasy story takes you to the place where two planets, Inferia and Celestia, meet, separated only by a sea of clouds called Orbus Barrier. All this comprises the magical world of Eternia.

The adventure begins in a small town called Rasheans, when two girls, the main heroines, notice changes in cloud colors and a machine coming down from Celestia. This is how Meredy, an unusually-clad girl who speaks the ancient language of Melnics, and her pet Quickie, come into picture. The mysterious stranger brings message of the two worlds’ imminent collision that would result in their falling into the Grand Fall. The only way to avert that fate is finding Greater Craymels, spirits of the elements.

While playing you control one of four available characters – both on a spatial world map and separate 2D locations. While traversing the areas of Inferia and Celestia, the party visits many towns and lands, where they learn more about their mission. You can create your own unique warrior by selecting weapons and type of magic, which is also an asset in combat. Mini-games help you continually improve your abilities and acquire an array of new ones.

Combat is in real-time – you have direct control over your character and perform hits or use magic. All moves must be swift in order to prevent an opponent from gaining the upper hand. The wide spectrum of available position, attacks, techniques, and strategies can be learnt very easily. After a stressful battle, soothing soundtrack by Motoi Sakuraba can help lower the tension. The composer is best known for his music in other installments of Tales of… games and Star Ocean.

System requirements

PlayStation Portable

PlayStation Portable

Uses: memory card 32 MB

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