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The Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms (PC cover
Game Box forThe Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms (PC)

The Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms PC

The Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms is a real-time strategy based on The Three Kingdoms' historical Chinese carbon black, depicting events after the fall of the Han Dynasty.

Strategy | RTS | Ancient history | China | Romance of the Three Kingdoms

The Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms Release Date PC


developer: Magitech Corporation Official website

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The Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms is a real-time war game, based on the Chinese historical saga “The Three Kingdoms”. The style of The Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms is combines the grand battlefield action of a real-time tactical warfare game and the story development of a role-playing game. In it, you will have the chance to control several armies from the perspective of the Marshall, Liu Bei – the commander-in-chief of the fighting force. Instead of controlling each individual unit at a time, you will command entire divisions of up to eighty men at once. Using formations, tactics, and careful strategy, you can lead your soldiers to victory.

The campaign battles are woven into a historically-based plot. You are the head of Liu Bei's faction, on a quest to restore the government of the Han dynasty. As you fight towards your goal, you will be faced with several difficult decisions. The choices you make will guide you down your own unique path entwined with the history of the Three Kingdoms. As well, the generals under your command will grow in power with each battle, gathering experience, special items, and new abilities that can turn the tide of battle.

* Detailed Castle Battle Warfare – Accurately reproduce battles in Chinese castles from the San Go period using soldiers with unique AI and the capabilities to climb ladders and fall from walls.

* Historical Chinese Battle Formations – Referring from ancient Chinese military doctrines in Sun Tsu and Wu Tsu's tactic books, Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms recreates six of the most important formations from the history and implements the AI to each formation to have its tactical value in the battlefield. The battlefield is divided into yours and the enemy's side, where both of you will attempt to protect your own flag and attack the other's. The battle can be won either by cutting down the enemy's flag or by destroying the enemy's army. Each formation is better suited for the different objectives of the battles.

* General Growth System – During each battle, generals will gain level points based on their battle performance. These points can be used to make generals uniquely grow in combat, intelligence and leadership ability. Throughout the campaign, each general will keep a record of their performance as well as the enemy generals they killed.

* Special Items – From the history and legend, players can find such items from relic hunting or killing enemy generals. These relics have unique effects and abilities that apply on the general who equips it. Some effects and abilities include: granting general with unlimited fatigue, granting general the ability to cast healing spell, and improving general's statistics.

* Special Abilities – Also from the history and legend, many generals have unique abilities to utilize in battles. Some unique abilities are: setting tress on fire, changing wind direction, raising the morale of the soldiers, and scaring the enemy soldiers away by yelling.

* Epic Battle Scenes – Witness large number of units under chain-of-command fighting in a realistic 3D battle terrain. Players have the freedom to navigate around the battlefield by rotating the camera angle from low pitch to relative high pitch angle. Players can also zoom in and out the camera view from a close and personal view of a soldier in action to a grand view of an entire army in action.

* Effective Unit Types – Five basic unit types provides realistic and effective results from the battle. Spearmen can form a wall for most defensive needs but are vulnerable when they get attacked from their side or behind. Cavalry can penetrate divisions but needs a charge distance to speed up the momentum. Swordsmen are good at melee attacks but vulnerable to cavalries. Archers are very effective in long distance and castle battles, but vulnerable in close distance and open field battles.

* Realistic Terrains – Rain and snow can affect archer's visibility, river and trees will slow down the units when crossing or getting through, wind can blow the fire into different directions, hills effect unit speed when moving up or down. All terrains provide the player not only a realistic scene, but also many tactical values.

Expectations: 5.0 / 10 based on 2 votes.

Age restrictions The Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms: 12+

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