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The Idolmaster: One For All (PS3 cover
Game Box forThe Idolmaster: One For All (PS3)

The Idolmaster: One For All PS3

The next installment of The Idolmaster series, popular in Japan. We play the role of a music producer whose task is to direct the career of thirteen teenage idylls.

Simulation | Economic | manager | rhythm | music | visual novel | PlayStation exclusive titles

The Idolmaster: One For All Release Date PS3


developer: Bandai Namco Entertainment publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment Official website

Japanese language game language: Japanese

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The Idolmaster: One For All (also known as The [email protected]: One For All) is the next installment of The Idolmaster series, very popular in Japan. Like its predecessors, the title is a music manager with elements of arcade and adventure games, where we take care of a band of teenage pop singers. A team of developers from Bandai Namco has been responsible for developing the games in the franchise, including this one. The Idolmaster: One For All was released three years after the release of The Idolmaster 2. The devs abandoned many demanding managerial options of the prequel, expanding the adventure elements and segments, in which we get to know young idols better instead.


In The Idolmaster: One For All we play the role of a beginner music producer, starting work in the artistic 765 Production agency. His task is to direct the career of young idols who have recently officially debuted in the world of show business. In the beginning, we choose one of thirteen girls. She will become our first charge and will be the leader of a three-person team, which we will gradually create by fulfilling the orders of our boss. The main heroes of the game are the characters that appeared in the previous installments of the series. However, it is worth noting, that The Idolmaster: One For All is in no way connected with them and presents its own original story. In general, the game also puts much more emphasis on adventure elements, which were made in visual novel form.


The basic gameplay in The Idolmaster: One For All did not change significantly compared to the second installment of the series. When starting the game we choose one girl who will become the leader of the team. Unlike its predecessor, we are not limited in time and the game does not end in a place designated by the devs. In return, we have to regularly perform the tasks assigned by the boss, thanks to which we gain subsequent levels of experience as a producer, unlocking new opportunities, such as expanding the team with new members and participating in special events. The year in the game is divided into four seasons. For each of them there are twelve weeks. Each week is divided into several days, on which we determine the schedule of classes. The game is divided into several segments. The players can send girls on lessons, auditions or, after meeting the relevant requirements, organize a concert or event. They can also talk and spend time with one of them.

The skills of beginning idols are described with three statistics (voice, dance and presentation/charisma). We increase them thanks to the lessons, which were realized in the form of three rhythm mini-games. The acquired skills are tested during auditions during which we perform a selected song, competing with other music groups. In a similar way, we test ourselves during concerts and various events. Apart from voice, costumes, which influence the skills and presentation of the heroines, also turn out to be important.

Technical aspects

The Idolmaster: One For All uses the same engine used in previous installments from the series. Each song has been recorded separately by all actresses, so depending on who we choose to join the team we will hear voices corresponding to different heroines. Apart from tracks known from other installments of Idolmaster, the game also offers completely new compositions.

Last updated on 04 September 2017

Game mode: single player  

Media type: 1 BD

Age restrictions The Idolmaster: One For All: Good for all ages.

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