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The Legend of Dragoon (PS1 cover
Game Box forThe Legend of Dragoon (PS1)

The Legend of Dragoon PS1

Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio, a role-playing game strongly inspired by the Final Fantasy series. The story focuses on a young man who embarks on a dangerous journey to rescue his kidnapped childhood friend.

RPG | fantasy | turn-based | jRPG

The Legend of Dragoon Release Date PS1


developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

English language game language: English

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The Legend of Dragoon is a jRPG released on PS1. The title was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan as a response to the giant success of the Final Fantasy series. For this reason, the game shares many features common to the iconic saga, at the same time presenting several original solutions - especially in terms of the combat system.


The main character of The Legend of Dragoon is Dart Feld. When he was a few years old, his village was attacked by a mysterious monster who killed all his loved ones. Eighteen years later, returning from the forest, Dart discovers that Seles, his current residence, was invaded by Sandora's army. The enemies not only killed many inhabitants but also captured Shane, the hero's friend. Dart sets off on a dangerous expedition to save the girl. During the journey, the young man acquires several companions, together with whom he acquires extraordinary abilities, helpful in the war against Sandora.


Gameplay in The Legend of Dragoon is based on typical formula developed by other jRPG representatives. The player controls a small party of heroes who travel around the map of the world, exploring selected locations, performing story tasks, developing the skills of party members and fighting countless opponents.

Battles are played in a turn-based combat system with a some arcade elements. When the player selects the attack option, a simple mini-game begins, in which we have to press the assigned buttons at the right moment. Success enables us to extend our offensive and increase the damage. Another distinguishing feature of the game is the ability of heroes to transform into the title Dragoons - powerful beings with increased power and the ability to use magic.

Game mode: single player  

Media type: 4 CD

Age restrictions The Legend of Dragoon: 12+

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