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Game Box for The Mummy (PC)

The Mummy

Take on the role of the characters in The Mummy, and on your own monitor take on a mystical Egyptian story, fight dangerous enemies, and finally defeat Imhotep himself.

Action | TPP | videos | Egypt | Egyptian mythology

The Mummy cover

developer: Rebellion

publisher: Konami

Game mode: single player

game release date:



The Mummy is a three-dimensional action game based on the 1999 cinema hit license, which combines arcade and logic elements. The aim of the game is to stop Imhotep, who has been brought back to life, from taking control of the world. In terms of assumptions, the game resembles a bit the first installments of the Tomb Raider cycle.


Rick O'Connell and his fellow researchers, siblings Evelyn and Jonathan Carnathans, find a mysterious book in Hamunaputra, the City of the Dead full of unimaginable riches. With its help they accidentally awaken to life a powerful Imhotep, on whom a curse was cast years ago. It turns out that a creature from ancient years intends to use its powers to take over the world. Rick and his companions cannot allow this to happen.


The Mummy is an action-packed TPP game in which a player-led character travels through levels full of traps, including mazes and pyramids, fighting enemies, solving puzzles and facing platform challenges. Rick has at his disposal a wide range of weapons, including double guns, rifles, rifles, machetes and magical amulets, with which he can eliminate hordes of enemies sent by Imhotep. The bestiary consists not only of various types of mummies, but also scarabs, scorpions and magically enlivened guardians of treasures.

On each of the levels, the goal is to complete different missions and get all the key elements needed to open the way further. The authors took care of a variety of challenges, which consist of testing cleverness, memory and logical puzzle thinking, escape sequences from a cloud of deadly insects or clashes with Imhotep's overwhelming forces. In some places, the title introduces a different way of playing, changing into a classic platformer with a view from the side or an arcade, in which the character flows down a log on the Nile. The vitality of the title is also affected by the large number of secrets on each map.

Technical aspects

The Mummy is a three-dimensional production that is strongly based on a film license. During the background adventure, melodies composed for the cinema hit play in the background, and the voice of most of the characters was lent by Hollywood actors playing them. The title also uses fragments of the film to present subsequent plot motifs.

System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

Recommended: Pentium II 300MHz, 64MB RAM, graphic card

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