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A sandbox game combining crafting, survival and MMORPG elements. The lack of a classic TUG plot compensates for the full freedom in creating a huge, procedurally generated world and influencing the fate of the character we lead.

Action | FPP | fantasy | sandbox | crowdfunding | indie games | crafting

TUG Release Date PC

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developer: Nerd Kingdom publisher: Nerd Kingdom Official website

English language game language: English

TUG is a unique combination of crafting, survival and MMORPG elements. Creators of the game - Nerd Kingdom studio, starting from the idea of a purely sandbox Minecraft, used in their game inspirations from such cult titles as Fable or The Legend Of Zelda, receiving a truly explosive mixture.

The action is set in a magical land, which in terms of climate is closer to a fairy tale than to modern fantasy. We start the adventure as a child without any resources, attributes and practical skills. All we have is a simple set of clothes and a mysterious, glowing stone. Our first task is therefore to find ourselves in the new world and understand the rules that govern it. However, the TUG lacked a classic plot, because the authors focused on the typically sandbox freedom, giving players full freedom in choosing their future fate and profession, in which their character will specialize. For example, we can focus on searching for traces of extinct civilizations or hunting monsters, or on expanding our own shrine, breeding and training animals, etc.

The world created by the authors hides a very rich history and hundreds of secrets, which will be able to discover only the most persistent and inquisitive players. For exploration we receive a huge, procedurally generated area, with a daily cycle and changing seasons. The world around us brings with it many surprises, and all finds must be seen both through the prism of a useful discovery and a potential threat. In our mission we will be helped by animals, which we will be able to tame and commission them to extract valuable raw materials, or to support us in battles with enemies. Controlled by a powerful physics engine, the real-time combat system resembles the one known for action adventure games. In addition to a strong mind, a bit of agility, reflex and the ability to predict the opponent's movements will also be useful.

Not only programmers and graphic designers, but also economists, scientists, moderators and members of the Minecraft community took part in the work on the TUG. As a result, we received a game, characterized by an incredible realism. All objects in the virtual world have their size and weight. This means that we can't put an infinite number of items in our backpack and we will have to choose the ones that will be most useful during the planned expedition. The player's appearance is also very realistic and will change smoothly as time goes by - just like in the Fable series. For example, if our character is going to use a heavy sword for a long enough time, the muscles of this person will develop. When we move and jump a lot, our alter ego in the game will become leaner and more agile. If we eat a lot too often, our hero will simply grow into fat in the world.

TUG is a game for everyone, allowing for unlimited influence on the appearance of the world and the fate of the character we lead. Additional impressions will surely be provided by extensive moderation tools made available by the authors. In addition to playing alone, we can of course cooperate or compete with friends, although multiplayer games do not offer the scale known from typical MMO productions. Instead, the game focuses on providing fun to small groups of players, e.g. private servers.

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Last updated on 02 July 2013

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Expectations: 7.0 / 10 based on 12 votes.

Age restrictions TUG: Good for all ages.

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